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Darius Blasts Lawmakers Over Governor Probe

The Editor,

Is Darius Dillon intellectually dishonest or is he part of the Mills Jones (CBL Governor) anti- audit propaganda machine? Well, let’s see: Mr. Dillion says that ” the Legislature does not have the authority to demand or commission audit of the CBL…”

Oh really?

But where does Dillion get his information that the Legislature doesn’t have the authority to demand or commission an audit of the CBL? From a) The Liberian Constitution? b) The CBL Act of 1999? c) Basic Guidelines for Governor Mills Jones Campaign Strategy? d) CBL’s Guidelines for Unsecured Loans to Freeloaders?

Shhhh. This is a secret: I heard that political activist Darius Dillon benefited from CBL’s Unsecured Loans to Freeloaders.. Hard to believe, right? No wonder Darius is Blasting Lawmakers Over CBL Governor Probe”! (Re” Darius Blasts Lawmakers Over CBL Governor Probe”)

But the last time I checked, the General Auditing Commission (GAC) reported DIRECTLY to Legislature. See section 1 of the June 2005 Act, creating the GAC as an autonomous commission.

Besides that, the legislature also have the power to “enact laws for the governance of these commissions (General Auditing Commission) ..for the effective operation of government. See article 89 of the Liberian Constitution!

So what part of the “Legislature shall have power to enact laws for the governance of these commissions” does Darius Dillion not understand? I’m dying to hear from Darius!

Hello. Hello. Darius, are you there? ……Where the he.l did Darius disappear to?

Look, If Darius were intellectually honest, he’d acknowledge that, in addition to the Board of Governors having the power to appoint reputable and professional external auditors, the legislature also have the power to enact laws (pass a bill to audit the CBL’s Micro-freebie loan scheme)..for the effective operations of government! But he’s not.

After all, don’t we need greater transparency on how the CBL Governor (Joseph Mills Jones) is running his vote-buying scheme oops, I mean, unsecured loan scheme?

A government audit of CBL’s Micro-finance program would expose it as an illegal, free-loading, deceptive, dependency increasing, back-scratching, vote-buying scheme for Governor Jones!

Hey, why can’t itchy beard Jones sell kala to support his presidential campaign? Just wondering.

Martin Scott,
Atlanta Georgia

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