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Joe Boakai for President, Really?

The Editor,

Joe Boakai for President? Really? (Re “Dr. Boakai for President.. VP Hometown Eyeing 2017 Petition”)

But isn’t Joe Boakai too old to run for President? The last time I saw our aged Vice President, was in 2012 (March 29, 2012). The oldman met with Liberians, here in Atlanta, Georgia. In the middle of the meeting, I saw him sleeping!

They dim the light so the veep could sleep! 🙂 ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Thhe oldman Boakai was catching fish!!

When I inquired why the VP slept through most of the meeting, they told me that he was praying. I burst out laughing uncontrollably.

But what isn’t funny is that the low information voters of Lofa County are gearing up to petition this oldman to be President of Liberia! Boakai is the buzz of Buzzi Quarter these days !!

But hey, is Boakai all you Buzzi people got??

When you’re old and boring as Boakai is today, it’s not just in physical tasks that age takes its toll. It’s the mental tasks that will wear you down. Even if your mind remains sharp, your energy seldom remains the same, and that can affect how long you can concentrate during important meetings, official functions, etc!

Look at the pictures of Madame Sirleaf taken in 2006 and compare them with the pictures in 2014, after the Ebola crises had taken its toll. (She looks tired).

So the question we should ask ourselves is: Does old-man Boakai have the energy to handle the demands of the the presidency? Will he remain alert during cabinet meetings? Or will he just doze off after the first round?

There are already plenty of stories out there that Boakai sleeps on the job, which makes him dangerous for the Liberian presidency. The presidency is serious job.

As president, you don’t have the luxury of taking naps on the job like Joe. The presidency is a 24/7 job, so you must be ready and alert to take on any task at any hour of the day or night.

Hey Joe, you’ve been living off the taxpayer’s dime all of your adult life. Look at your resume. Your entire adult life has been from one government job, to another government job, to another government job, to another government job….!

Don’t you think it’s time to give the Liberian taxpayers a break? Yes, I know, I know..the low information voters of Lofa County are clamoring for your presidency. They say, you will be the first Rorma (Lorma) President of Liberia!

But please, Joe, I hold your foot. You need off the government gravy train after 2017, and find something else to do!

You na eat enough government money! Haven’t you?

Just go, Joe…

Martin Scott
Atlanta Georgia

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