Senator George Weah Downplays Debate Over Senate Awol

The Editor,

Since Senator Armah Jallah is the new President Pro Temp, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask him a question about Senator Weah’s absence without leave: (by the way, if you spell Senator Jallah’s name backwards, it reads “spineless backbone!

Back to the question:

Hey, Mr. President Pro temp how long will you remain mute on Senator Weah being AWOL from the senate? (Re “Weah Downplays Debate Over Senate Awol”)

Senator Weah says that “his work is not limited to the senate (Capitol Building)” He has to travel (abroad) for his county and the Liberian people”

Oh yeah…

Ok I agree. But do you believe that Weah traveled for the Liberian people, when he was seen in Europe watching a football game?

This is the same Weah who said that “CDC Have Two Million Voters”, when there were only 1.8 million eligible voters in Liberia (Re “Does CDC Really Have Two Million Voters? Weah’s assertion vs NEC Flaws”, FPA)

Weah, in November 2005, after Ellen whipped him at the polls fair and square– threatened elections officials violence as cried “fraud”…But when asked to produce proof, Weah said he left the proof at home, under his mattress! (Re” Weah, CDC Come Up Short at Election Fraud Hearing, Leave the Evidence Behind, All Africa Global Media, November 17, 2005).

Look: If your houseboy (maid), who is a known liar, tells you that he went out of town to work for you, wouldn’t you want to see some proof before paying him for his “out of town work”? I would. So why shouldn’t we the Liberian people require Weah to show us some proof from trip?

For example, I’d like know:

1) The name of each city or town and country Weah visited.

2) How much time did Weah spend in each location (We need the dates of his arrival and departure)

3) Information about the people (names, title and other designations) Weah met.

4) And what result or expected benefits did the Liberian people gained from Weah’s visit


5) How much money did Weah spend on the long trip to the U.S. and Europe? Was it his own money or other people’s (Liberian) money?

Bottom line: Weah is accountable to the Liberian people because they hire him to work for them. So if Weah can’t show the paperwork from his trip, the President pro temp should dock his pay for one month.

Martin Scott
Atlanta Georgia

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