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SURVEY: The Question of Dual Citizenship in Liberia

Press Release

The GLobal Organization for a Better and Accountable Liberia (GLOBAL) has initiated an online survey intended to solicit views of Liberians in the homeland and the diaspora as to whether or not they support the inclusion of “Dual Citizenship” as part of the exercise to amend the constitution.

There are generally two schools of thought on the question of dual citizenship. First, those who believe that Liberians residing in the diaspora mainly on account of the Civil War, and have taken up foreign citizenship, should not be compelled to give up their Liberian citizenship because they offer enormous resource for the development of Liberia in the form of intellectual and material capital.

By far the largest component of Liberia’s brain trust across all disciplines lies in the diaspora. Additionally, Liberians in the diaspora are estimated to contribute, by remittance directly to families and small businesses back home, several hundred million United States dollars per annum representing a significant economic stabilizer in the war weary country. On the other hand, proponents against Dual Citizenship assert that by accepting another citizenship, a born Liberian has transferred his loyalty to a foreign country and more importantly, that it would be difficult to hold Liberians with foreign citizenship accountable for wrongdoings committed in Liberia should they flee and take protection in their country of citizenry.

Even though the ongoing Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) offers an opportunity for public awareness on potential constitutional amendment, it offers no legitimate path for any constitutional change. Constitutional amendment requires a petition signed by at least 10,000 Liberians and endorsed by 2/3 of both houses of the Legislature or a proposal by two-thirds of the membership of both Houses of the Legislature to initiate the process. This CRC process does not reflect the constitutional path. This survey offers an opportunity for all Liberians (locally or globally) to be heard.

Therefore, all Liberians are encouraged to participate in the survey at Dual Citizenship Survey ( ) on GLOBAL’s online survey platform.

This survey is anonymous to ensure the validity and reliability of the results. It will officially run from Monday, April 6 thru Monday, April 13. In addition, the survey will be featured and discussed on the Henry Costa Show on Voice FM 102.7 on Monday, April 6, 2015.

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