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WHO: Sierra Leone Ebola Spread Slowing

APA—Sierra Leone, the country worst affected by Ebola, has 250 new confirmed cases in the past week; but the spread of the deadly virus in the country is slowing down, according to the World Health Organization.

The UN special agency for health, WHO, confirmed here, on Thursday, that the epidemic had claimed 8,235 lives out of 20,747 known cases worldwide over the past year.

Over all, 838 health workers have been infected, killing 495 of them, says WHO; citing the figures by authorities in nine countries with Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone accounting for the majority of infections and fatalities.

There are signs that case incidence may have leveled off in Sierra Leone; although with 248 new confirmed cases reported in the week to 4 January 2015, it remains by far the worst affected country at present the WHO said.

However, WHO warned the virus is spreading most rapidly in Western Sierra Leone; where the capital Freetown reported 93 of the new confirmed cases.

An increasing emphasis will be put on the rapid deployment of smaller treatment facilities to ensure that capacity is matched with demand in the area;� WHO suggested.

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