Senator George Weah what will you do on Capitol Hill?

The Editor,

No one is surprised that Senator elect, George Weah won massively in Monrovia and especially Montserrado County: With huge youthful populations in Soniewehn, PHP, West Point, Claratown, New Krutown and the densely populated Bushrod Island, his election was a shoe in! See National Election [NEC] results for 2005, 2011, 2014, in which the CDC took Montserrado!

The last I checked, these were the same folks who elected puny officeholders like Reps Edwin Snowe, Edward Forh and Alomiza Ennos, and MANY of our underachieving legislators.

But the questions is: what does a Weah victory mean for these people in particular: residents of PHP, West Point, New Kru Town, etc? Should they now expect Weah to bring or advocate for their interests so that development is spurred in their localities: running water, hospitals and schools etc just to name a few?

Puh-lease.. Weah has done nothing for these people in the past! He also made no electoral promises to lift them up from their current state of destitution as he campaigned for office. Let’s also look at Weah’s record at his recent peace office:

In fiscal year 2012/2013, US$5 million was given to Weah for “peace and reconciliation”. And in the next fiscal year (2013/2014), another US$2 million was appropriated”! (See page 5 of the APPROVED National Budget for 2012/2013).. But guess what Weah did with the money?

Instead of spending other people’s money wisely, he went on his self-described “listening tour” to display his footballer of year trophy to voters in the rural parts of Liberia, in effect campaigning for office before the election even began; he invited prominent African footballers: Roger Miller, Jay Jay Okocha, Samuel Eto etc to a cocktail party, oops, I mean, to play in a “peace match” at SKD stadium! After the game, the Club beer starting flowing non-stop!

But yet some folks believe that Senator Weah will provide free medical care; pay their rent when they get evicted! and pay their phone bills when their services are shut down! Memo: “When You Get to the Senate, George, What will You do?

Time will tell, but you see– some folks believe Senator Weah is Santa Claus Weah! Thus their song:

♫We-ah We-ah, Santa Claus We-ah aye yah!♫
♫ Ohh We-ah we-ah, Santa Claus We-ah, aye yah ♫ Senator We-ah, aye yah ♫
♫ Ohh We-ah weah Santa Claus We-ah aye♫

But how disappointed these faithful CDC congregants shall be when they find out that Santa Claus Weah is just another politician who is out there to advance his own agenda since in fact he said nothing to them—retail politics is about making campaign pledges to get elected, it is not just a popularity contest, ever heard “all politics is local?” Good luck folks!

Sorry folks, but elections have consequences. Depending on Senator Weah to be your Santa Claus is a recipe for great disappointment and disaster!

Martin Scott
Atlanta Georgia

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