Liberian Senatorial Election Set for December20,2014

By P. Oxford Brown

MONROVIA—Liberia’s senatorial elections will now be held on December 20th, exactly in two days. Earlier last week, The Supreme Court of Liberia threw out the prohibition issued and the stay order placed on the special senatorial election which was slated for December 16, this year.

Chief Justices Korkpor told the court that on November 3, 2014, Cllr Jerome Korkoya, Chairmam of the National Election Commission announced December 16, 2014 as the new date for the holding of the special senatorial election. The Chief Justice said the petitioners in the prohibition proceeding raised contentions challenging the constitutionality of the Government of Liberia for setting the election date on December 16.

In the final judgment, Justice Korkpor said having carefully reviewed records, heard arguments and contentions advanced by the counsels representing the parties and considered the law cited and relied upon by the Eminent Group of Concerned Citizens et al, their motion could not be entertained by the court.

The Chief Justice further stated that the original petition filed by the National Democratic Coalition and the Movement for Progressive Change on November 21,2014 was improperly verified and the purported amendments to their original petition was not with statute therefore, all pleading filed by the NDC and MPC were nullified.

He added that the suspension and setting of the date for the holding of senatorial election, having been done by the Executive and Legislative branches within the confines of the law, their acts did not violate the Constitution.

“Wherefore, the alternative writ of prohibition issued is order quashed. The pre-emptory writ prayed for denied, and the stay order placed on the holding of the special senatorial election, is hereby lifted. The Clerk of this court is ordered to inform the parties accordingly, and it is so order,” said Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

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