Sirleaf Accused

By P. Oxford Brown

MONROVIA—President Sirleaf son, Robert A. Sirleaf who is candidate in the Montserrado County senatorial race has been accused by rivals of violating a high court stay order on electioneering in the West African state of Liberia. The country is preparing for senatorial mid term election, but the process has seen hitches and glitches, due to the Ebola outbreak.

Sirleaf recently filed a law suit against the Government of Liberia on grounds that Executive Order No. 65 issued by his mother was discriminatory, and seeks to undermine the ongoing democratic process by which the citizens would elect the individuals they believe to be qualified to represent their interests in the government.

Robert Sirleaf, according to reports say Executive Order Number 65 also seeks to unfairly portray all campaigns as incapable of controlling their supporters and of conducting themselves in line with the provisions established and agreed upon by the NEC, political parties and independent candidates.

Addressing a news meeting in Monrovia, Ben Sanvee Liberty Party candidate for Montserrado County senatorial seat, said the violations were against the stay order recently imposed by the Liberian Supreme Court.
Mr. Sanvee outlined several violations which he said were also forwarded to the National Elections Commission. George Weah, former world footballer of the year is the other candidate representing the Congress for Democratic Change and Christopher Neyor, a former energy advisor to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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