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Liberian Supreme Court Suspends Election Campaign

The Supreme Court has decided to suspend all campaigning for next month’s elections over fears that the disease will spread.

Liberia’s Supreme Court announced Friday that campaigning for next month’s senate elections is suspended. The Supreme Court cited concerns that campaigning risks spreading the disease announced the information minister.

“The Justice in Chambers Philip Z. Banks urged the National Elections Commission to inform all political parties to halt all activities associated with the election,” explained Information Minister Lewis Brown reports Reuters.

A group composed of former government officials and other political party members filed a petition earlier this week. They advocate that the December 16 election be delayed until next year when the outbreak may be over.

Brown also said that Banks would hold a hearing on the petition on December 2 to decide whether the court will fully examine the petition or if it should be dismissed.

The elections have already been delayed once before. They were to be held in October this year but were pushed back over Ebola concerns as well.

Liberia has been the most hit by the Ebola virus. More than 3,000 Liberians have died due to the disease. Between Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea a total of 5,689 people have died.

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