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Weah Quits: He Must Be Audited By The GAC

The Editor,

Shouldn’t we hold our Peace Ambassador George Weah accountable for spending our tax dollars like a drunken sailor? Unless you’re blind as a bat—-but the rest of us saw how:

a) Mr. Weah went on his self described “listening tour” to display his footballer of year trophy to voters in the rural Liberia;

b) Weah invited American strippers to do lap dance for his CDC buddiess! And

c) The now senatorial candidate invited fellow famed African footballers Roger Miller, Jay Jay Okocha, to a cocktail party, oops, I mean, to play in a “peace match” at SKD stadium! After the game, the Club beer starting flowing non-stop!

But whose money was Weah spending to invite strippers and entertain his footballer friends? Was it his own money or other people’s money?

Look. It’s none of our business if Weah spends his money on his friends!

But we all know that in fiscal year 2012/2013, US$5 million was appropriated for “Peace and Reconciliation.” And in the next fiscal year (2013/2014), another US$2 million was appropriated”! For reference please see page 5 of the APPROVED National Budget for 2012/2013

However our beloved President has yet to demand and expect Mr. Weah to give us a full accounting of how he spent our hard-earned money on “Peace and Reconciliation” before accepting his resignation! Re “Weah Quits,” Liberian Daily Observer.

Aren’t government officials accountable to the citizenry for their decisions and actions?

The President should demand that Weah submit a timely financial report and fully audited by the General Auditing Commission, covering his tenure as Chairman of the Peace & Reconciliation Commission, to the Liberian people!

If he refuses, the President should also order the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission to conduct a complete forensic audit of the commission ASAP!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

George Weah pic: www.voa news

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