CDC Partisans Warns of Rob’s Bloody Threat

The Editor

Recent news reports the the Congress for Democratic Change [CDC] Warned Liberians of Rob’s Sirleaf Bloody Threat” (Nov. 18) prompts an obvious question: Why are the same CDC partisans and operatives who are behind every election violence warning Liberians of Rob’s Bloody Threat?

I guess, it takes a goon to know a goon, right?

In case you’ve forgotten, let me refresh your memory about these CDC goons…


Have you forgotten how these hoodlums stopped school children from going to school, stopped market women from taking their goods to the market, and vandalized other people’s private property during their so called “peace march” in 2006? You remember that, right?
Ok, let’s move on to 2011:

Have you forgotten how these goons went around the country, hyping election violence, saying that if their standard bearer (Winston Thugman) didn’t win the presidential election, they will make “Monrovia ungovernable!?” Leopard don’t change its spot, right!!? ..
Ok, let move on to 2012:

Have you forgotten how a civil war that broke out after George Solo stole CDC national chairmanship! According to a newspaper article, “supporters of the two contenders (George Solo and Lafayette Gould) engaged in a face to face combat for nearly two hours, leaving at least eight persons wounded, while others sustained bruises! (Re “Anarchy Mars CDC Convention”, New Dawn Liberia, 06/10/2012)!

As you can see, these CDC people have continually engaged in election violence–even their own elections were that bloody!! So the warning about “Rob’s Bloody Threat” should also be a warning about “CDC’s Bloody Threat” too..


Watch out because the CDC bloody threat and protest is coming r-e-a-l soon in case they don’t win!

If you don’t believe what I just said–just wait until Ellen’s son (Robert) whip Weah’s ass in the upcoming senatorial elections!

And then all hell will break loose!

Remember I told you so…

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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