Liberia: 3000 Thousand Ghost Names Removed

Liberian Listener Staff Report

MONROVIA— Civil Service Agency (CSA) Director-General George Werner has disclosed that the Government of Liberia currently has 44,000 employees on its payroll.

Werner said the current payroll is the result of the deletion of over 3,000 ghost names by the CSA through the Biometric exercise introduced under the Civil Service Reform Program.

Appearing before the House of Representatives Tuesday of last week, the CSA Director-General, described the exercise as ‘successful,’ he also told the body that the process have been temporarily halted due to the Ebola outbreak.

He also revealed that the government has terminated the contracts of several consultants who were assigned to some public institutions, in an effort to prepare them to join the Civil Service Agency, and make it stronger.

George Werner the CSA Director-General also said recently that the government of Liberia was in consultations to dismiss about 30,ooo government employees who have been considered non essential staff on govt. Payroll. He also made that statement before the Liberian House of Representatives.

In a twist of events, Liberia’s Information Minister Lewis Brown have denied and dismissed any thought that the govt. Of Liberian was in consultations to dismiss thousands of public servants.

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