Re: Cabbies, Passengers Split Over Ebola

The Editor,

The World Health Organization [WHO] warns us that motorbike taxis and regular taxis “are a hot source of potential Ebola virus transmission” in Liberia. Scary sh*t, isn’t it? Re: “Cabbies, Passengers Split Over WHO Ebola Hot Source Report”

But wait…How does WHO expect the masses to move around when taxis are the main mode of transportation in Monrovia, walk by line?

Here are few tips on how you can avoid a potential Ebola-infected taxi:

Step 1) Do a smell test of the taxi…

When you stop a taxi, go straight to the driver side and stick your head in the cab, and sniff the cab—man driver.

If the he has HBO (horrendous body odor), tell him “Sorry bro, I can’t ride your taxi! You smell like a septic tank!. Goodbye!”

Step 2) If the taxi driver smells like someone who uses Right Guard (deodorant), but you’re still smelling a strong stench from his taxi, go the passenger side and sniff out the passengers, one by one.

If anyone smell like rotten fish, tell the cab man that you cannot ride his taxi because his passengers’ odor pose a clear and present danger to your health! Somebody needs to see their doctor!

Step 3. If the cab man and the passengers passes the smell test in steps 1 and 2, tell everyone to get the hell out so you can disinfect the entire taxi! If they refuse, give them one finger salute and say goodbye! (slam the door!)

Look. If stinky people wants to ride stinky cabs, and die from their stinky ignorance, that’s fine! Ignorance is bliss!

But you have to remind them that those nasty, filthy, stinky taxis pose an immediate threat to your life!
WHO is predicting that Ebola could strike more than 20,000 people before it can be brought under control! Wow..

Alarming, isn’t it? But if you have money, you need to get the hell out of Liberia now! The life you save may as well be your own!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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