Over 1,500 Cremated As Ebola Exact Toll In Liberia

By P. Oxford Brown

MONROVIA—The head of the Ebola Body Management Team, Ciatta Bishop, has disclosed that about 1,700 bodies have been cremated since the out break of the Ebola Virus Disease in the country.

Speaking during an Information Ministry’s daily briefing on Monday this week, Ms. Bishop said the ashes of some cremated bodies were turned over to relatives upon their request. According to her, about 30 persons are cremated at a time and labelled by names so that their families would easily identify them when paying their respects.

She said, Even though the practice is not common in Liberia, it is the safest way of burying victims. Bishop further explained that the cremation, was done in Boys’ Town, lower Marshall,  in Margibi County. The Process she explained was intended to ensure that everyone is protected against contracting the deadly disease.

However, some religious leaders in the country have frown on the government for cremating the EVD victims. But health professionals say cremation offers the best and safest way of disposing of the dead in these critical times.

The World Health Organization [WHO] says there are about 10,141 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola, with almost all of them in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It says there are 4,922 reported deaths. The WHO in its briefings also said all but one district in Liberia and all districts in Sierra Leone have now reported at least one case of the EVD since the start of the outbreak.

The United Nations agency also said 450 health workers were confirmed to have caught the virus worldwide, with almost all of them in West Africa. Of those numbers, 244 have died

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