“Liberians Disgusted Over President’s Son Loose Ebola Talk”: Frontpageafrica

The Editor,

Aren’t these the same busybodies who, back in August, were accusing the President’s son Dr. James Adamah Sirleaf of coming to Liberia to “eat” their Ebola money? Re: “President’s Son Sets Record Straight, 08/29/14, Liberian Observer

If so, why are they now “disgusted” with his decision to stay in America with his family? Re: “Liberians Disgusted Over President’s Son Loose Ebola Talk”, Frontpageafrica.

Hey “disgusted” Liberians! Dr. Sirleaf is a private citizen. He owes you NOTHING! Instead of apologizing, he should’ve given you people the middle finger! Re: I apologize: Dr. James Sirleaf.

Apologize, my arse!


If you don’t agree with the Doctor’s decision to stay in America with his kids, that’s fine! You’re entitled to your opinion. Everybody has one!

But as father of two young children, Dr. Sirleaf has a moral obligation to act in their best interest! That means he shouldn’t abandon his kids because he’s the President’s son, OR risk making his wife a widow or making his young children fatherless because of Ebola!

In case you don’t know, Dr. Sirleaf is grown man! So his mother has no more control over him and his decsions than you have over your adult son or daughter!

Besides that, Dr. Adama Sirleaf, a private citizen, has the right to live his life as he sees fit. It’s none of your damn business whether he decides to stay in America with his family or go back to Liberia and battle Ebola!

I’ve spoken to several Liberian Doctors, who, like Dr. Sirleaf, are committed to helping Liberians fight the Ebola epidemic, but NONE of them, I repeat, NONE have gone back home to Liberia or even expressed the slightest hint of going back home to battle the Ebola Virus Disease! If you know one, who left his job and family here in America, please let me know!

Rather than being disgusted with Dr. Sirleaf for being a father, you should be disgusted with those hoodlums in that hellhole—West Point, who ransacked an Ebola isolation unit and the born rogues in your government, who are eating Ebola money!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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