Monrovia Breweries Join Fight Against Ebola

The management of the Monrovia Breweries Inc, headed by Dr. Nelson Oniyama, recently began distributions of over US$ 45,000 worth of Ebola prevention materials to several communities within the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island in Monrovia.

The Borough which has over 22 slum communities including Districts 15 and 16 in Monsterrado County, runs from the Bong Mines to St.Pual Bridge Communities and from the Stockton Creek community to the Atlantic ocean on Bushrod Island in Montserrado County.

Club Beer factory’s Marketing and Customer Relations Manager Ms.Thelma R. Dennis said her management acquired over 3500 Ebola plastic buckets, several cantons of chloral and other educational Ebola materials for distributions to targeted communities and groups in the country as the management own way of helping the Liberian government and people to step up responses to the Ebola virus endemic in the country.

According to Madam Dennis, about 2000 buckets including some chloral cantons and educational have been earmarked for the over 22 communities within the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town, adding “our management gesture is not for only New Kru Town, but Duala and other surrounding communities of the Monrovia Breweries/Club Beer Factory”.
She said Management was distributing similar Ebola buckets and cholera and educational materials to her customers and wholesalers of Club Beer in Monrovia, including Club Beer depots in Ganta, Nimba County and Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, among others.

She disclosed that one Uncle Lawrence has already commenced distribution Ebola prevention materials at the Club Beer depots in Ganta and Buchanan cities outside Monrovia.

Ms Dennis who formally kicked off the distribution in Monrovia last Friday, August 29,2014 with a truck load of only 348 Ebola plastic buckets designated for the Office of Borough Governor, vowed to continue the distribution on Monday , September 1,2014 until every target communities and groups are served, adding “ We will distribute to all our target communities and groups in the country”.
Thelma said the battle against Ebola virus demands united front and so Monrovia Breweries which is fully Liberian was happy to buttress the ongoing tedious efforts of government and partners in eradicating the Ebola virus from the country.

“This gesture is our management team headed by Dr. Nelson Oniyama second times contributing to government ‘s response to Ebola. Our management had contributed about one millions Liberian dollars toward government’s Ebola response,” averred Ms. Dennis.
According to Ms. Dennis, Club Beer Management’s response to Ebola is to educate the masses and reinforce sanitation in various communities, just making the people to know what to do and what not to do as well as providing needed buckets, and chloral for use.

“As much as we need our people to go to the health centers for medical test and treatment, we equally need to take seriously the preventive aspects of various responses against Ebola virus in the country, averred Ms.Dennis.

Providing clarity on disagreement between her Management and the borough leadership, Ms.Dennis explained that Governor Alice Weah, contrary to our Ebola policy, brought huge crowd into the compound of Beer factory to take delivery of the Ebola prevention materials intended for the people of borough. She said the huge crowd did not only contravene the company’s policy but also poses health threats to the club beer factory and all of its staffs.

According to her, the security allowed the governor but disallowed the crowd into the compound because by doing so would push aside management’s policy against crowdedness and health security concerned in the plant. Our management is trying to do all within its powers to stop crowdedness and to help avoid possible body contact during this Ebola era in the plant.

Ms Dennis said the prevention policy are adhere by all including all staffs and workers of Club Beer Factory as well as government officials visiting the plant.

She revealed that the management has even sent home most of its workers on vacation with their regular salaries and other benefits being paid monthly in keeping with the policy which strives to avoid crowdedness and possible body contact within the plant.

“We as management had planned to carry into the various communities for easy distribution there in the communities instead of the community people coming into the factory compound to receive the Ebola preventive materials” said Ms.Dennis.

She said Ebola fight needs the involvement of all Liberians and good friends of Liberia to help safe lives she also called on all, including entertainment centers, factories and other companies to support the ongoing fight against Ebola for the benefit of society.

Governor Weah said the Club Beer factory management had encouraged her to come along with the leaders of the various communities including the youths and women leaders to the factory compound to take delivery of the materials.

Governor Weah said she did exactly what management requested of her.

Governor Weah went on to thanked the Club Beer management for the gesture which she said will greatly help the fight against EVD in he community. She also assured the management that her donation will reach the targeted people for whom the donation was made.

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