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What Really Happen to Ebola Money

The Editor,

To understand ” What Really Happen to Ebola Money”, you have to remember that 99.999997 percent of our government officials have not been honest with the Liberian people! Would it be wrong to sy Stealing is in their DNA?

But you don’t have to be a geneticist or forensic scientist to know that these public servants are robbing our country blind!

All you have to know is the tricks of their trade—!

So let’s look here:

#1) They set up fake companies to steal our hard-earned money!

a) Remember how Ellen Crookrum and her boyfriend (Melvin Immoral Johnson) set up bogus companies to siphon US$500,000 from the Liberian people?? (Re “Next Chapter in RIA-Corkum Saga: Recouping Lost Fund”, Frontpageafrica)

b) Remember how the former Mayor of Monrovia, Ophelia Hoff Saytumah took thousands and thousands of dollars from the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) by setting up fake companies to funnel the Liberian people money into her PERSONAL account ? Re: MCC Jackpot Scam Busted, New Democrat)

If you want to know “What Happen to Ebola Money”, check to see if the Ebola and companies are real or fake! Usually, the fake companies have no asset, no liability, and no relevant experience in the area of the awarded contract!

#2) They inflate invoices for goods and services provided or NOT provided.

a) Usually, the vendor inflates the invoice price so that he can kickback 20 percent to the government official (s) who approve his or her contract.

Therefore, if you see a Lebanese vendor giving lavish gifts to a government official, you know something fishy is going! But if you see Edwin Snowe’s small brother (James Davies) listed as an Ebola vendor, pray for our country!

#3) They make you pay to play! (the 20% rule)

a) Remember how, instead of renovating a state-owned property, LTA (Liberia Telecommunication Authority) signed a US$1.5 lease with a Chinese landlord because the landlord agreed to jack up the lease price by US$300,000, and to return it as cold water (kickback) to LTA Commissioners!? Re: Liberia Spending Millions on Rental, State Building in Ruins, Frontpageafrica

b) Remember how the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) went on a spending spree, choosing to spend US$600,000 thousand of your tax dollars to rent lavish offices ,with flat screen tv and hair salon for Elfred Tamba!, rather than renovate state-owned properties? Re: Liberia Spending Millions on Rental, State Building in Ruins”, Frontpageafrica

#4) They steal from you to build their big, big houses!

a) Remember the Canadian Investor (Len Lindstrom) who published a Pulitzer Prize-worthy book about theft and corruption at the Ministry of Lands, Mine and Energy (LME) while Dr. Eugene Shannon was LME Minister? Re: “Liberian Gov’t Mute on Corruption 101”, Frontpageafrica

Yes, that same Dr. Shannon built a 27-bed room palatial home with 100 feet high fence around it. Hey, that’s your tax dollars at work!

Look folks: It’s easy to figure out “What happen to Ebola money”! All you have to do is, follow the money to the inflated invoices; to the fake companies; to Rep. Edwin Snowe’s small brother; and to the palatial homes of Ebola money eaters!


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