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Anyone who Eats Ebola Money Will Go To Jail

The Editor,

What was Amara Konneh thinking when he said that “Anyone Who Eats Ebola Money Will go to Jail!” . Re:”Anyone Who Eats Ebola Money Will go to Jail,” Daily Observer.

Really? Does anyone, in his right mind, believe that those who eat Ebola money will go to jail? Please.


I know it’s hard to keep track of those corrupt govt. officials in government, because they ae many, they’re eating government money for tea, breakfast and dinner!

But it’s even worse when you bury your head in sand, like Amara Konneh and refuse to admit that no one has gone to jail in Liberia for eating ebola money or any public fund during this adminstration!

Hey, Mr. Amara “head-in-the-sand” Konneh:

1) Did anyone go to jail for eating U$13 million of EU (European Union) money? Nope!

But Stephen Yekeson is laughing all the way to Swiss Banks! Re : Liberian Minister Under Fire After Hospital Denies Receiving EU money”, FPA

2) Did anyone go to jail for eating government toilet money in Nimba County? Nope. Re: Nimba’s Modern Latrine Use in Limbo”, FPA

But Former Nimba County Supt Edith Gongloe-Weh wrote a book entitled “Eating Government Toilet Money without Trace!”

3) Did any of the bosses at Nasscorp go to jail for using false names to steal other people’s hard earned money? Nope.

But guess what, former Nasscorp boss Francis Carbah, is now Chairman of the Board of the National Housing Authority! Re “US$441,573 Fraud Case, NASSCORP Bosses Used False Names to Dupe Govt, Daily Observer.


If you expose the corruption of every Liberian government official, 99.99997 percent of them would be behind bars! But none of these bureaucrats are behind bars!

If our Ministry of Justice can’t even convict some of these officials, what hope is there for “Anyone who eats Ebola money will go to jail”??

But hey, if you’re seious enough to believe that Ebola money eaters will go to jail, I’ve a bridge to sell you! Don’t forget I ,take U.S. $$ only!

Martin Scott
Atlanta Georgia

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