Open Letter To Pres Sirleaf: Embassy France

July 29, 2014  

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President of the Republic of Liberia Executive Mansion

Monrovia, Liberia

Dear President Sirleaf,

Subject: Madam President:  Help Address the needs of two former Embassy Liberia France Staff

All praises go to the Almighty Father; the Creator of the Universe Who has blessed our country Liberia with your leadership in moving our beloved nation forward in these trouble times! We thank you for your leadership Madame President! You will recall, In April of 2014 we the leadership of the Liberian Community here in France were denied meeting you during your official visit, therefore, we have decided to send you this open letter.  The signed copy was sent to your office by DHL on Wednesday, 23 July 2014; and are we hopeful that it has since reached your Office. Madame President. We write to plead and to register the unfortunate plights of two former domestic staffs at the Embassy Liberia, here in Paris, France. The two Liberians in question are Mr. David Williams, former Chief Cook to Ambassador McKinley Thomas and Mr. Joseph Richards, former House-Keeper to Ambassador Thomas.

Both of them worked at the Liberian Embassy here for over Seven Years, dedicating their services to serve Ambassador McKinley Thomas and the entire Liberian Embassy in several other capacities.  These two suffering old-men also served other senior officials of government and Liberians who visited from Monrovia to France. These two Liberians are holders of official Liberian passports; they were also given diplomatic status here by the French Foreign Ministry. During our visit last week, a Liberian staff at the Embassy confided that the two old men over the years graciously pleaded and wholeheartedly so to Ambassador Thomas to allow them have at least two weeks off to visit their families members back home in Monrovia , but that the Ambassador refused; as a result of Ambassador Thomas’ constant refusal for them to have left the job for even a brief period, the two Liberians’ relationships with their wives which they have built for several years have been painfully broken. This leaves them with tears and broken hearts! They are, as we write, very frustrated, they have said; and they need your urgent intervention as well Madame President.

They are dying slowly. Our President, we want to also inform you that Mr. David Williams, former Chief Cook and Mr. Joseph Richards, former House Keeper of Ambassador Thomas, it has been gathered, that Madam Raddie Teresa Johnson Perry, an official at the embassy wrote against them to the French Foreign Ministry, declaring them as illegal residents. Our President, how can officials of our embassy who should protect their citizens be the ones against them?


As we are writing this letter, these two fathers are surviving on assistance and goodwill from some of our members in Paris. Madame President, according to a photo copy of an official letter in our possession, on March 24, 2014 Madam Raddie Teresa Perry wrote an authorized letter to the French Foreign Ministry on the Liberian Embassy letter head and signed it as Charge d’ Affaires. In the letter written in French, Madam Perry informed the French government that Mr. David Williams, Chief Cook and Mr. Joseph Richards, House Keeper of Ambassador Thomas whereabouts were unknown and are ILLEGALLY RESIDING in Paris therefore the police should have them arrested and deported to Liberia! But on three different occasions as have been learnt, the two Liberians made telephone calls to the embassy in an effort to have set an appointment to meet with the new ambassador. These efforts have come to no avail.

Last Tuesday, people at the embassy confided that upon receiving the calls relating to this delicate situation, Madam Perry told Williams and Richards on the phone that they were not allowed to visit the embassy or meet the new ambassador. She told them that if they made any attempt to go near the Liberian Embassy they will be arrested by the French police on grounds that they have been declared illegal residents. Our President, we believed that this is unfortunate. Madame President, given the current conditions of these two Liberians Mr. Williams and Richards they cannot get employment in France.

These are peace loving and law-abiding fathers who sacrificed for their country and worked hard to serve Ambassador Thomas. They have served the ambassador and also Madam Perry for over seven unbroken years. Regardless of all these services towards Ambassador Thomas and Madam Perry, the ambassador and Ms. Raddie Perry have not rewarded these two men well. Why must an official of a Liberian govt. treat a peaceful Liberian in foreign land in such an inhumane manner? This is very sad, something needs to be done. We should not allow anything bad to happen to Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards before the Foreign Ministry take an action. Of serious concern,  is the case also of Mr. David Williams who went blind while in the employs of the mission here in Paris. Mr. Williams in 2011 went blind for four months and needed just 1,500 Euros to have undergone eyes operations, based on doctor’s recommendation, but Ambassador Thomas showed no concern and failed to assist his cook.

Pres Sirleaf photo: npr,org

It was Richard Parjloh and his wife who used their personal cash for the Ambassador’s cook . Mr. Williams can be contacted [0033622723060]. Also, the sad situation of Mr. Richards must be stated, who Ambassador Thomas beat-up we have been told and broke his front two teethes. The Ambassador’s brutality against this poor Liberian shocked all Liberians and the whole Liberian Community in France!  Nothing came out of the official complaint; we the Liberian community filed against him back home in Monrovia in April 2009.  Ambassador Thomas attacked Mr. Richards after he accused him of stealing his One Thousand United States Dollars which the ambassador later found in his coat suit pocket the same day the incident occurred. This incident that we are taking about took place in April 2009. We want to inform our president that it was Mr. Richard Parjloh, again who used his hard earned personal cash to pay for the medical bill for Mr. Richards. Today, Joseph Richards is using artificial teethes. Joseph Richard can be also contacted on this phone number [ 0033-634-298-494]. While Claude Parjloh can be contacted at [ 0033-7601-97436], hence if anyone doubt these narrations. President Sirleaf, while  Ambassador Thomas was leaving France for Liberia after he was removed as Ambassador to France he told the two old men (Williams and Richards) to return with him to Liberia given all that he have done to them, promising that he would take them to China to work for him, but instead of declining, they appealed to him that they were not refusing but that ehty were not in the position to return to Monrovia or to travel with him to China because for every two months Mr. Williams said he had to go to the hospital for his  eye treatment while his colleague Joseph Richards for every month must visit the dentist hospital here in Paris to clean his artificial teeth. Also our leadership has been informed that for over a year now Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards have not taken their pay and that Madam Perry, we have been told has refused to pay them even though we have been told by Liberians at the embassy that Mr. Williams and Richards’s names are still on the embassy’s payroll. Madame President, these two Liberians are seriously suffering, please help them, we are appealing to you, they have family and children to carter to back home in Liberia, they are the only bread winners for their families in Liberia also. Your Excellency, they told us that they still want to continue their jobs at the embassy in France, it is also hoped you will prevail upon the newly appointed ambassador if the facts are certified, hence to look into the plights of these Liberians and give them back their jobs if possible.

We are afraid that if nothing is done they might end up like the former First Secretary at the Liberian Embassy here in France, Mr. Albert Amet who drop dead in the streets in Paris and later died in a grief-stricken manner after he was abandoned by Ambassador McKinley Thomas. It was members of our Liberian Community here in Paris that took the late Amet to hospital. The Liberian diplomat remains was later ordered cremated by Ambassador Thomas. Also, officials at the Liberian Embassy France are denying members of the Liberian Community in this country to meet the newly appointed Ambassador,  William Allen for reasons best known to themselves! But we will do everything possible so that the community and our president George Nyemah can meet the new ambassador, to inform him of the plights of Mr. David Williams and Joseph Richards, including the larger Liberian French community! On behalf of our leadership and the entire membership of the Liberian Community here in France, please accept our compliments,  we are hopeful therefore, that you will consider the plights of Mr. Williams and Mr. Richards.

Thank you,

 Abraham B. K. Konneh Concern Liberia and

Official Member Liberian Community In France, Gironde, Bordeaux 

Email: libcombordeaux@yahoo.fr/ Tel: 00335 50 57 82 21

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