Kenneth Y Best Recipe For Redeeming Liberia, Daily Observer Online

The Editor,

Why does “KYB’s (Kenneth Y. Best) Recipe for Redeeming Liberia” deprives Liberians of the main ingredient (private property rights) to prosper?

Yes, private property right–the right of an owner to rent (lease), sell or give away his or her private property to anyone for FREE, gives us the power to prosper!

If you don’t believe what I just said, go down Waterside and see for yourself:  You will see market women, lawmakers, and yannah boys exercising their private property rights to prosper!

You see Rep. Forh accepting “cold water” from that Lebanese merchant over there?

Wow, those Fulanis giving out FREE samples of roasted meat to entice customers to buy!

But yet KYB says that “leading Liberian families and (the) not so prominent ones were leasing their prime properties to foreign business people …for pittance”

So what, KYB?  Don’t these Liberian families have the right to lease their private property for “pittance” or give it away for FREE, if they chose to do so?  Of course they do!

Oh wait, I forgot, white people can’t own land in Liberia!

But our Constitution (Article 22 a &b) states that “…only Liberian citizens shall have the right to own real property in the Republic and (their) private property RIGHTS shall not extend beneath the land and waterways…” and the Constitution trumps KYB’s recipe!

So what part of Article 22b (private property rights) does KYB not understand?

I find it appalling that KYB purports to know what’s best for private citizens who chose to lease their PRIVATE properties (real estate) to foreigners!

It’s nice to flatter ourselves to know what’s good for others than what others know are good for themselves!But here’s a good recipe for redeeming Liberia: MYOB (mind your own business), KYB!

Martin, Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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