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Crazy Question: Public Works Minister Mums on Citizenship


Antoinette Weeks

The Editor,

If I were the Public Works Minister (Antoinette Weeks), this would’ve been my response to the “crazy question” she recently utter about her citizenship. (Re “Crazy Question: Public Works Minister Mums on Citizenship”)

Memo to the Liberia Media:

“With all due respect to you, I’m a born bred Liberian.  I left Liberia because of the war and VOLUNTARILY became an American Citizen!

I”m damn proud to be an American Citizen and at this time, I do NOT wish to renounce my American Citizenship!

Why? Because the degenerates have taken over my country again!

Today, less men of characters have taken over the country are all being elected to our first branch of government! Plus 99.9997 percent of our executive branch is corrupt!

Besides that, at every election cycle, you have  hyping opposition elements inciting mob violence around the country, blocking traffic, and stopping productive citizens from earning an honest living! How sad!

Look,  I want to serve my country, but when sh.t hit the fan, I also want to be able to get my kids and myself out of harm’s way immediately! Self-preservation is the first law of nature!

God forbid, if anything bad happen (another coup d’état) in Liberia again, my American passport would come in handy for me and my family to check out asap!!

But if it’s unconstitutional to be a dual citizen, then you can take your stinky government job and shove it!

Any further questions, Mr. Anti-Dual Citizenship Dillion..?


Martin Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia

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