God Help Us If CDC Took Power In Liberia!!


The Editor,

Everyone talks about how corruption is crippling our country, but can you imagine how backwards our country would be if these goons were running our government?? Congo man say  ‘ things would be worser’!  (Re “CDC Primary: Losers Cry Foul Amid Bribery Claims”)

They can’t even run their own party elections without corruption, intimidation, and violence, so why would anyone expect anything different from them if, God forbid, their standard bearer (Weah) became of President of Liberia in 2017?

Look. You judge people by what they do, and past experiences have shown us that CDC is a party of Crooks and Criminals!

1) You remember when they had their National Convention in Kakata, Margibi County in June 2011??

According to Frontpageafrica (“No Money Changed Hands”), when Ambassador Winston Tubman “defeated” Ambassador Weah 118 to 111 for the CDC standard bearer-ship, Ambassador Weah wept because he lost to a loser…(Ok, ok, I have to suppress the laughter here!)

But how could a “government bone” like Winston Tubman defeat the founder and father figure of CDC, George Weah on his own turf?

Was it because Winston last name is Tubman?  Or was it because the election result was rigged (the fix was in)?  If you say the results were rigged, go to the head of the class! You’re a genius!

In other words, (word in the streets say)  Weah “sold” the CDC standard bearer-ship to Winston Tubman!

2) You remember when they (CDC) had their National Convention in Tubmanburg, Bomi County in June 2012???

According to an article in the New Dawn Liberia, “supporters of the two contenders (George Solo and Lafayette Gould) for (CDC) national chairmanship engaged in face to face combat for nearly two hours, leaving at least eight persons seriously wounded, while others sustained bruises!”(“Anarchy Mars CDC Convention”, New Dawn Liberia, June 10, 2012)

In another news article, “Mr. Gould said that petrol bombs were thrown at their sleeping places the night before the election…,But that did not deter them (Gould Supporters) from going to the polls the next morning.  But when they got there, Gould was told that he (Gould) was disqualified! (Re “Several Injured at CDC Convention”, The Inquirer)

In other words, George Solo stole the election for CDC National Chairmanship!

This kind of behavior should keep these goons out of government for good, but the foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, and who have ears but do not hear, continue to cast their ballot for these barbarians!!!


Martin Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia


Our democracy is doomed if goons take over our government!

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