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The Editor,

They can demonstrate all they want, but I have no pity for these AFL Widows!


Because back in 2009/10, this was the same grievance group (AFL Widows) that was given a series of “benefit payments” by the Ministry of National Defense, but now some of them are broke and claiming the President promised to “address their plight if she is elected for the second term”

Ok, fine…But instead of stripping at the capitol, why can’t they go to the person (President) who promised to “address their plight” and protest in their birthday suits?

Or better yet, go to a bachelor’s eve party at Rep. Edwin Snowe house? (hint: Rep. Snowe paid US$1,000 to a lady for stripping butt naked at Patrick Honnah’s bachelor’s eve party!)

But this is the kind of thing that happen when a candidate(President), running for political office, goes out and pander to certain unhinged elements (grievance group) of our society for their votes. If this grievance group deserve “benefits payments”, how about those who lost their loved ones, personal belongings, etc at the hands of the cut-and run government thugs (AFL)!?

Look. We all know that the civil war, one way or another, had an adverse effect on all Liberians. My mother’s house was ransacked by government thugs; my sister and her family lost everything running from rebels; and my youngest brother, Finnbarr Scott, was brutally murdered by some of these goons in government (senators and representatives)!

But overcoming adversity is something my mother taught us and is one of the greatest sources of pride in our family. In 1967, while my dad was busy chasing Kpelle girls in Gbalatuah (Bong County), the sea took our house in West Point!

My mom moved us (three brothers and one sister) to a ONE bed room, in my uncle’s house on Randall Street, until she got on her feet! Of course, those times were tough, but tough times don’t last; only tough people do.  My mom has always been the source of strength and pride for our family!

Now back to these ‘aggrieve’ women a.k.a AFL Widows, who want to be fed and taken care of like human livestock forever by the Liberian governement:

As the former American Ambassador (Dr. Linda Greenfiled) once said: “During the (war), every Liberian suffered either directly or indirectly, and so it is unfair and selfish for any group of Liberians, including the AFL widows, to think that they are the only ones affected.”


But as long as our politicians keep pandering to these AFL Widows and other grievance groups (for their votes), with promises of arbitrary dispensations (tax dollars) from our national coffers, they will continue to strip butt naked for their “benefits”!!


The best way to stop these people (AFL Widows) from being butt naked in the public is arrest them for public indecency!


Martin Scott

Atlanta Georgia

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