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Liberian Senate Rejects 73million Pitch from Tyler

Liberian Listener Staff Report

The upper chambers of the Liberian congress has told their colleagues in the house of representative that the country was experiencing difficult economic times, therefore the proposed 73millon dollars budgetary allotment currently being called for to be allotted to the 73  districts in the country would not meet their approval. Alex Tyler, House Speaker has rallied his associates to support what he says will spur massive development across the country.

Reports say Tyler and his colleagues wants US$1 million to be allocated every budget year for each of the 73 districts in the country, in addition to the already US$200,000 County Development Fund [CDA] which reports say has seen wide spread abuse from lawmakers in the country, and especially representatives of the Liberian Congress.

The senate said it would be indifferent for such an appropriation at this time given the dire financial straights the country has found itself, when it informed the lower chambers in a communication recently that “the Senate hereby rejects the proposal for the placement of the amount mentioned in the national budget in these difficult times of our economy wherein the government of Liberia is experiencing a serious budgetary shortfall.”  The Liberian economic has gone into a free fall, the Liberian dollar experiencing serious decline, also, as it experience a budget short fall of about 74million.

This week, James Biney, a Maryland County National Patriotic Party representative said the national budget would not be considered until their request were ultimately granted. “What I want to say to my colleagues is that change comes with a cost if it will mean the budget will stay here—it will…” several of Biney colleagues who spoke at the Liberian Capitol also back his assertion that they would not give an inch until the 73million dollars was tabled.

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