CBL Governor Predicts Bright Future for Entrepreneurship

The Editor,

Speaking about the future of the Liberian economy, (at the Liberian Business Association induction ceremony), our psychic Governor (Dr. Joseph Mills Jones) “sees” a new economy, where “Liberians are not sitting as consumer, but producers and owners”!  (Re “CBL GOVERNOR PREDICTS BRIGHT FUTURE FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP”)

By the way, Liberia is poised to become the 2nd largest producer of fake money because of CBL’s monetary policies! Zimbabwe is the first! (1 US$=  Z$300,000,000,000,000!)

But here’s the kicker: Governor Jones says that “in order to get into the new Liberian economy, Liberian entrepreneurs MUST have access to credit on reasonable terms…”

Oh really?  But who’s stopping them (Liberian entrepreneurs) from having “access to credit on reasonable terms”, the Governor? Other people? Or themselves?

Hey, I know the Governor is afraid of telling these people (Liberian entrepreneurs) the truth because he wants their votes in 2017 (Presidential election)…..But since I’m not hustling for votes, I shall give them an honest answer.

You ready?

Memo to Liberian Entrepreneurs:  Nobody owes you jack!  We’re all equal under the law! If the banks and other lending institutions DON’T want to extend credit to you on “reasonable terms”, too bad…It’s someone else’s money-NOT yours!

Perhaps if you put down a security deposit or had collateral or a good credit history, they might extend credit to you! But neither you nor Governor Jones has the right to FORCE anybody to extend credit to you “on reasonable terms.”

If you can’t compete in the open market, then you shouldn’t be into business!

But look, If Governor Jones insists that you guys MUST have “access to credit on reasonable terms”, why can’t he reach into his own pockets and lend you his own damn money?!

Hey Governor, the ball is now in your court! Instead of abusing the power of the Central Bank to print more fake money, which leads to inflation and the depreciation of the Liberian dollar, you should put your OWN  money on the line for these Liberian voters, oops, I mean entrepreneurs!

Come on now, Governor—It’s time to put YOUR money where your MOUTH is or shut up!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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