Liberia: No Budget or 73million House Says!


Listener Staff Report

Reports say the Liberian House of Representative wants 73 million dollars directly distributed to the 73 districts within the country, meaning a million dollar a district.  It says the senate’s rejection of its proposal, that the amount be inserted within the draft national budget is unfortunate. Alex Tyler,  House Speaker introduced the line item which observer say is untimely given that Liberia is currently experiencing a budget shortfall of about 74million. Finance Minister, Amara Konneh told lawmakers in the Liberian capital of Monrovia that the country revenue generating capacity was hit hard due to projections that could not be met and weaknesses in revenue generating capacities.

The Bomi County law maker introduced his motion In January, 2014. His proposal which currently has the backing of the lower chambers in the Liberian Assembly has sparked criticisms across the country, because the County Development Fund [CDA] also introduced in 2006 by President Sirleaf has seen wide spread abuse from the appropriation which currently stands at 200,000 annually to the counties. The legislature, reports say has used the CDA inappropriately to benefit themselves, especially with several lawmakers setting up front companies which have not delivered the contracts expected by their people.

Last week, the Liberian Senate said it was not in agreement with the proposal, subsequently rejecting the pitch. The Senate said the House’s action was not in conformity with the Public Financial Management Law of 2009.

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