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Liberia: 10 Expectations in 2014!

Mr. Editor,

Since you guys decided to ask Liberians about their “Expectations in 2014”, here’s my list:

In 2014, I  expect the Liberian government to:

1) Get rid of the Pehn-pehn ban! The unintended consequences of the ban hurts poor Liberians especially our youths! More than 12,000 pehn-pehn boys (youths) have lost their jobs or have their working hours cut because of this monstrosity!

2) Fire the Minister of Transport. He’s useless! (see number 1)

3) Make all Board of Directors of Public Corporations publish the minutes of their board meetings and the latest financial statement of their corporations!

4)  Dissolve the Liberian Telecommunication Authority! They are nothing but a bunch of thieves!

5)  Get rid of the Price Control division at the Ministry of Commerce.  The government has no business telling people how much they can sell their private property (rice, cassava, pepper, palm wine) for! It’s unconstitutional.

6) Abolish the Ministry of Education altogether, and give the savings to poor children and their parents! They are the ones who are victimized by our Educational bureaucrats and government school teachers!

7) Fire the Minister of Justice! She’s another useless government official. Our government is full of crooks, but when was the last time you heard about the Justice Ministry conducting a STING operation to catch career criminals in the Sirleaf Administration? Oh nevermind.

Miss Prim and Proper Tah is more interested in wasting our tax dollars on catching “wataa-police” (prostitutes) than catching career criminals in government! So far, how many prostitutes have been arrested in sting operations, compare to government criminals?? It’s 10,000 to zero! Prim and Proper Tah needs to go!

8) Force Rep. Edward Fraud to wear a tap shoes, so we can know his whereabouts at all times!.. Are you listening, Madam Minister of Justice???

9) Stop begging for “foreign aid” aka donations. Instead of relying on donations, the government should reform its restrictive trade policies and abandon its price control policy!! “I’m for doing good to the poor, but, I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is NOT making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it”! (Benjamin Franklin)

10)  Audit the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) immediately! Why? Because the CBL Governor Jones is going around the country making market women believe that Santa Claus is for real..  Look, we need to know whose money Governor Mills Jones is playing Santa Claus with, oops, I mean “lending” to market women!

Ok, ok, you may look at #10 on my list and say “Hey Martin, Mills and his minions in the media are going to do everything to stop folks like you from exposing their “Man of the Year”!!

But hey, I wonder what will happen when we find out that our CBL Governor have been printing money out of thin air or using banks’ depositors hard earned money, disguise as unsecured “micro loans”, to run his presidential campaign??? That was a rhetorical question, PUL (Press union of Liberia)!

May God continue to show mercy on our nation, even as these notorious rogues in our government continue to steal and waste our money on their presidential campaigns and pet projects! Amen!


Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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