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Who Failed Who Passed



Mr.  Editor,

What the hell were you thinking when you gave our economically illiterate Minister of Transport S. Tornorlah Varpilah a “C”? Shouldn’t the Minister’s grade be based on his actual performance on the job?? Re” Who Failed; Who Passed” [FPA].

If so, then let’s look at his job performance, shall we? Re” Who Failed; Who Passed.

1) Isn’t this the same Minister who supports an economically disastrous policy– the ban on Liberia’s main mode of transportation (Pehn-Pehn) — that’s keeping poor Liberians poor? The poverty rate in Liberia is 64.8 percent, according to the World Bank!

2) Isn’t this the same Minister who supports the pehn-pehn ban that forces thousands of school children and poor people to walk to work and school? Poor people now spent 2 to 3 hours in the hot sun walking because taxis drivers have jacked up their fares!

3) Isn’t this the same Minister who supports the ban on privately-own Pehn-Pehn (motorbike taxis) that caused more than 12,000 young men to lose their jobs or have their working hours cut??

Youth unemployment is a major threat to the peace and stability of our country, but yet the gasbags in our government keep implementing one economically disastrous policy after another! E.g. SOCALLED Price controls, Pehn-pehn ban and other oppressive diastrious economic run governmental regulations!

Judging by the results and effects of the Pehn-Pehn ban, Minister Varpilah is an enemy of economy prosperity!

He deserves a BIG FAT F! F, which means fired!

Martin  Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia

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