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Liberia: Emmanuel Savice Foundation Remembers Darquee Town School


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The Emmanuel Savice Scholarship Foundation has incorporated 35 more students into its academic excellence program totaling the number of beneficiaries to 360 who are direct beneficiaries of the family income back in Liberia. Awarding the scholarship this time to students of the Darquee Town Elementary and Junior High School in the Battery Factory Community yesterday, Mrs. Sophia Savice who led this year’s gesture upon her visit to Liberia from Canada said her family feels greatly honored to make a difference in the lives of other families back home especially in their former neighborhood.

Mrs. Savice said she along with her husband grew up in the Battery Factory Community and remember how other people too helped them achieve as well as become what they strive to be now and that has served as a driving force for their mission to help other kids whose parents cannot afford.

She said the scholarship program being as it is now is only based on students’ performance and her family condition but assured the students who were not selected that with the aid of some other humanitarians in Canada, the program could extend and become permanent.

She further said that the scholarship program is not the only project under the foundation rather it is extensive because in the past under the same foundation, she along with her husband carried out the construction of a hand pump and the filling of the road in the adjacent community adding, “What we have is what we are sharing as we look to others to join us.”

Mrs. Savice urged the students to be serious, respect themselves, their teachers and their parents noting that they do not need to be rich to be smart because their future depends on them and it is from those little beginnings that determination is ignited.

Apart from the scholarship, the Savice Foundation also offered the students copybooks, pencils, pens, color books and sharpeners to motivate them to remain in school. Meanwhile, the Darquee Town Elementary School Principal, Sando Goyomo expressed how happy they felt to receive one of their own Liberian sister because it was not the first time that the foundation had come to be a blessing to the children.

Mr. Goyomo said the items came at a time when the school is seriously in dire need of stationeries because most of the students go to school without copy books and the teachers sometimes have to give them sheets to take notes on.

He promised that the items will be used for the intended purpose as the school and its pupils pray for God’s blessings upon the Emmanuel Savice family. Mr. Savice served as sports reporter several years back at the INQUIRER Newspaper before his departure to Canada in 2003. ### Monrovia Inquirer

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