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EU Expect Proper Management of Taxpayer Money

Mr. Editor,

Re “EU (European Union) Expect Proper Management of (their)Taxpayers Money”…really? Ha ha ha!?

Hey EU! If you put a fox  in charge of guarding the chicken coop, would you expect it to safe guard your chickens? Hell no! That fox will eat ALL your damn chickens…!

So why would you give your taxpayers’ money to thieves in Liberian government), and expect them to do anything other than steal it??? Most of these people (government officials) are born rogues!

But yet you keep giving them your taxpayers’ money…Why, EU?

Have you forgotten about the missing EU money (US$13 million) intended for sick children at Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County??? If you have, let me refresh your memory:

According to Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, Administrator of the Jackson F Doe Memorial Hospital, his facility NEVER received any money (US$13 million) from the Ministry of Finance! And the Ministry of Finance says they can’t find the money, but the search for the missing money continues!! (Re “13 Million EU Money Mystery: Onus Is on Finance Ministry To Prove FPA Wrong”)

Undeterred by the total disappearance of the US$13 million,  you (EU) have decided to transfer another US$13.5 million from the poor people in rich countries (EU) to the rich people (thieves) in a poor country (Liberia)!!

Why, oh why, are you (EU) willfully aiding and abetting these thieves in the Liberian government? Do you have the word “suckers” written across your foreheads or what?

Look EU, I know you’re wonderful people..but, but Liberians don’t need to be rescued by suckers, oops! I mean humanitarians like you!!

By the way, there is no evidence that your(EU) humanitarian aid have had any positive effects on we the Liberian people, unless by “positive effects”, you include lining the pockets of Liberian government officials, along with creating a culture of dependency on your taxpayers’ dollars (grants to the Liberian government)!

Instead of demanding proper management of your taxpayers’ monies, why don’t you stop aiding and abetting these government thieves?? Yes, poor Liberians will suffer….And Ellen Crookrun and her boyfriend will flee the country with bags of money..but so what?? Suffering is the best teacher!

Martin Scott,

Atlanta, Georgia

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