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Test Rep. Acarus Gray First

Mr. Editor,

If you make random drug testing on public servants mandatory, Rep. Gray will fail that test!.. (Re “Test Gray First” Daily Observer Online)

Look, when Rep. Gray gets high, he does all kinds of crazy things! 1) Have you forgotten how Gray and his goons threw stones at the police; threw stones at 3 year old children in J.J. Roberts School; and blocked productive citizens from work during their (CDC) so called “peace march” on March 25, 2011?

2) Have you forgotten how Gray dressed up in a military fatigue to intimidate elections officials and incite election violence because a CDC candidate was correctly disqualified from a the by-election (Re: “CDC By-Elections Disqualification Leads to Another Violent Turn in Monrovia”)?

3) Besides that, anyone who have seen a picture of  Rep. Gray on the internet (FPA website) knows that Gray is a big time pot smoker.. The evidence? His sleepy eyes!  Sleepy-looking eyes are an indicator of heavy marijuana use..but Rep. Gray says he supports the law testing public servants for drug use and wants to be “the first” to be tested…Oh, really, Rep. Gray… REALLY?

4) Memo to Rep. Gray:  Be careful what you wish for, because if you fail the drug test, your butt may end up in jail.

Martin Scott

Atlanta, georgia

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