The Challenge of Fixing Our Education System

Mr. Editor,

You make me laugh when you challenge the Minister of education  (Etmonia David Tarpeh) to fix our broken educational system, especially when we all know that nothing has changed since Madame Tarpeh took over…Seriously, don’t you think you’re beating a dead horse?? I do.. (Re” The Challenge of Fixing Our Education System” Daily Observer Online)

Long before Etmonia David Tarpeh took over the Ministry of Education (MOE), it already had a poor track record for K-12 education, but as the Congo man say, “Since Pneumonia, oops, I mean Etmonia became Minister, things have gotten worse and worser!”

Here are some examples:

1) Poverty, government schools, and the culture of dependency combined to make many Liberian youths useless citizens! Most of the goons you see on our streets, throwing stones at police, begging for money, blocking traffic, burning tires, stopping productive citizens from going to work, etc.. are either political science major at LU or unemployed graduates of government schools!!

2) Government school students continue to score the lowest on the West African Exams (WEAC) and on University of Liberia (LU) entrance exams! Look at the 25,000 students who recently failed LU entrance exams! Most of them graduated from government schools!

3) Government school students have low IQ because of the substandard education they receive from incompetent government school teachers (MCSS teachers)! By the way, do you know that these teachers want more pay??  Would you pay your employees more money if they produced defective products?? Please..get out of my face, man!

4) Government schools teachers like to take bribes and have sex with their students in exchange for good grades!  Because of this kind of academic fraud (grade inflation), your college degree from LU has just as much credibility as your high school diploma from G.W Gibson High School.

5) Our children aren’t learning anything in government schools! Approximately 99 percent of high school goons, oops, I mean students at G.W. Gibson High School don’t even know that the Liberians have a fundamental right “to move freely throughout Liberia..”  (see article 13a of the Liberian Constitution)..Dear GW Gibson goons, please stop blocking traffic!

6) Government school teachers commit gross educational fraud when they pass students who are unable to demonstrate even a partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at his or her grade level..

For example, all those government school teachers who gradated Rep. Snowe from high school and college should be arrested for educational fraud! Do you know that “hon” Snowe graduated magna cum laude from University of Liberia?? I’ve to suppress the laughter here…

As you can see, the Ministry of Education and government school teachers are totally responsible for our nation’s educational decline (mess), but why oh why, do you continue to trust these SAME old people to fix the educational mess we are in??

Since July 26, 1847—-one hundred and sixty six years after our Declaration of Independence—the educational establishment (MOE & MCSS) has done more damage to our country than our 2 “civil wars” combined!!

They’ve failed to improve the educational outcomes of our children, but yet you continuously give them our hard earned tax dollars to spend on attending international conferences and pay hefty salaries to education consultants like Olivia Shannon (:!

Look, the perpetuation of these same old failed government schemes that got us in this mess must stop now!

The best way to fix this mess is to abolish the Ministry of Education altogether and give that money (school voucher) to parents to allow them to send their children to a private school of their choice!

School choice is the best solution to fix our broken educational system!

Martin Scott

Atlanta,  Georgia

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