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Liberia Mourns President Nelson Mandela

Here, tears laced, the
broken heart must dance
What must have
been a great loss to Afrika
Has turn into stumping
feet of songs for joy in Soweto!

In merriment of a
drum major
who played the bass

Gandhi must be pleased
that apartheid mailed us
Two giants—fathers of two nations
sprung like wells from evil
Excellence is inexplicable where
malevolence brings out the worse in man

Others will see beyond it,
forgiving their pesters
like rain washes dust!

King must be pleased,
the legacy continued continents apart!
Madiba the soul of Africa
the gentle giant from Mveso
No, the whipping lashes of hate
and prejudice produce light! Yes!

Here goes the General
who subdued Robben Island
and conquered Pollsmoor

Victor Verster ain’t go nothing
on you–for yours was the
Underground railway behind intimidate
prison walls, freedom still
We sing, today, so that others may live
because you gave—Liberia mourns!

From Cape Palmas to Cape Mount
to the Hills of Saclapea
and slums of Claratown!

The grumblings are heard from Pleebo
to the river banks on the Montserrado!
The rumblings downtown Waterside Market
punctuate the still air—a flower has withered
Let’s dance to the beating rhythm
from Soweto, Nelson Mandela, Aluta!

Let’s dance to the beating rhythm
from Soweto to Monrovia,
Nelson Mandela, Aluta!

Ralph Geeplay is editor of the

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