Two-Horse Race? Kupee vs Zargo in 2014 Senatorial Election in Lofa

Mr. Editor,

Here’s one man’s opinion why Steve Zargo will whip Sumo Kupee’s a.s in 2014:

1) Kupee likes to act like he know book, but he has a problem with the Queen’s language..  Here’s Kupee’s ad on the radio: “I’m Sumo Kupee from Rofa (Lofa) County!  I’m lunning (running) again to be your senior senator. If you elect me, I will bring lunning (running) water, build loads (roads), and hospitals all over Rofa (Lofa) County. I’m Sumo Kupee, and I approved this message!”
Steve Zargo grew up in Monrovia, so he doesn’t have problem pronouncing “L” and “R”!   …….. ADVANTAGE: Zargo!

2) Kupee likes to wear sleek indigenous country gown (see picture on Frontpageafrica)!…..Zargo likes to wear tor-bor-gee stained size 4XXL country gown! By the way, Zargo likes a lot of soda in his torborgee!…….ADVANTAGE: Kupee!

3)  Kupee has the hots for Mary Broh!……… Zargo has the hots for that old hag (Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison)!……. (too close to call)…TIE!

4)  Kupee wears boxers and is popular among concubines in Kolahun!….Zargo wears speedo and is popular among the fat guys in Kolahun! ADVANTAGE: Zargo!
5)  Kupee supports dual citizenship!….Zargo supports DUI (driving under the influence) in Lofa!..  ADVANTAGE: Kupee!
6)  Kupee is a recovering s.x addict!….Zargo is recovering food addict! ADVANTAGE: Zargo!
7)  Kupee will kiss butt to advance his political career!!… Ditto for Zargo !!  TIE!
8)  Kupee works tirelessly to protect his self interest in the senate!…  Zargo will work tirelessly to protect his food budget in the senate!  Too close to call…TIE!
9)  Kupee believes “money talks, bullshit walks”!….  Zargo believes “before good food waste, let belly burst! AVANTAGE: Zargo!
10) Kupee is man who will say anything to get elected!  Zargo is a man who will zig-zag on issues to get elected! ADVANTAGE: Zargo!

As you can see, Zargo is the best man for the job. He’s expected to win a landslide victory in Lofa!

Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

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