Palaver Hut as school: Kids learn without chalkboard


Mr.  Editor,

Ellen and the education establishment have paid a lot of lip service to education with all their big, big meetings and big, big speeches (free food for govt officials), but our government schools have been an epic failure under her administration!

Look at the mass failure at LU exams!  Look at the low test scores on the WAEC exams!  Look at the goons in our government schools today! ……sex-for-grade is a common practice at the Deputy Minister of Education (Dr. Mator Kpangbai) Alma mater!! By the way, Deputy Minister Mator is an alumnus of G.W Gibson and has a Phd in Sex Education!

Back to the topic:

Undaunted by such disastrous state of education in our country, our legislative and executive branches continue to dole out millions and millions (approx. 14 percent of our national budget) of our tax dollars to the incompetents at the Ministry of Education (and their expensive UN experts) to run our inferior government schools!

Don’t you think poor kids who attend these rotten government schools deserve a shot at a decent education, especially at the k-12 level?? Come on now…

Look, these kids ONLY get one shot at a decent education and we are failing to help the pupil and the parents?? That’s a stinking shame! (Re “Palaver Hut as School Kids Learn Without Chalkboard in Mat Structure”)

If a business, in the private sector, kept putting out defective products in the market place, it would’ve been out of business long time ago!  But in the Liberian government (public sector), it’s whole different ball game:  Every school year, our government schools continue to put out defective products (students) in the market place, and they expect to be hired by businesses in the private sectors!  I have to suppress the laughter here…

But here’s the kicker: Fiscal year after fiscal year, we keep giving our hard earned tax dollars to these crooks at Ministry of Education to produce defective products (government school students) for the private and public sector and the national legislature!!!  That’s insane!

But when will the insanity stop? 

It will stop when we abolish the Ministry of Education altogether! In other words, you take the savings (money) from the Ministry of Education and give it (in form of a voucher) to poor parents who want to take their kids out of our rotten government schools, but don’t have the funds to finance their kid’s education!!

Suppose poor parents were to receive US$500 voucher for each school-age child in grades k-12?? A lot of poor parents will have a choice of sending their kids to government school or private schools wouldn’t they?  Parents would be empowered through choice! And students would get a much better education because a lot of private schools would be competing for those taxpayer dollars!

Unless changes are made to help poor parents get their kids out of our rotten government schools, a time may soon come again, when a bunch of government school goons will use a box of bullets, instead of the ballot box, to change our form of government, further taking our country back to the dark ages!!

Martin Scott

Atlanta,  Georgia

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