2014 Race: Can Weah the Kingmaker Make Himself Monsterrad​o County Next Senator?”

Mr. Editor,

Please publish this open letter to the President Pro Temp of the Liberian Senate:

Gbehzohngar Findley

Liberian Senate

Monrovia, Liberia

Mr. President Pro Temp:

I found out that in the last fiscal year (2012/2013), you and your colleagues appropriated US$5 million for “peace and reconciliation”, and this fiscal year (2013/2014), you guys budgeted another US$2 million for “peace and reconciliation”!  But the Reconciliation Commission have yet to give us any indication how the US$5 million was spent!  Is that how you do business with the people’s money? When will you demand to the see the books of Reconciliation Commission?  When Weah starts running for the senate?? Come on now! (Re “2014 Race: Can Weah the Kingmaker Make Himself Monsterrado County Next Senator FPA?”)

So far, we’ve seen our senatorial aspirant and Peace Ambassador (George Weah) go on his self described “listening tour” to foreign countries; display his football of year trophy to our low information voters; and  did invite American strippers and European footballers (Roger Miller, Okocha, Fallon, etc) of African descent, to play a “peace match” at SKD stadium and party afterwards! But they (Reconciliation Commission) have yet to open their books to the public.

For this reason, I demand that you pass the “George Weah Accounting and Transparency Act” to audit the Reconciliation Commission immediately!

This Act would force our Reconciliation Commission to undergo a complete forensic audit and have the findings reported to the National Legislature—your branch of government – the branch responsible….to make appropriations for the fiscal governance of the Republic,…”  (See the Liberian Constitution, Article 34d)..

It’s time for we the Liberian people to find out how the Reconciliation Commission has been spending our hard earned money; it’s time to stop giving handouts to Weah to have party for his football friends and run his senatorial campaign; therefore I’m calling on you and your colleagues to pass “the George Weah Accounting and Transparency Act”  to audit the Reconciliation Commission immediately!

I’m watching your actions…If you’re afraid to hold Weah accountable, we will hold YOU accountable!  Election is right around the corner!!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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