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Sherman Wants Teeth for LACC

Mr. Editor,

Counselor Harry Varney Gboto Nambi Back Scratcher Sherman claims that the Act to establish the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has “NO teeth”, but should we uncritically accept Counselor Sherman’s assertion (claim) that the LACC “has no teeth”?  Please….(Re “Sherman Wants Teeth for LACC”, Liberian Observer Online)

Assuming that the Harvard Law School graduate (Varney Sherman) has done his homework and read the Act, let’s look at the it (Act), shall we?

Section 11.1 of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Act states that “The prosecution of cases of corruption shall be carried out by the Ministry of Justice in coordination with Commission (LACC)”

But (a big but) Section 11.4 also states that ” the Commission (LACC) may DIRECTLY prosecute acts or cases of corruption through the courts if: (a) The Ministry of Justice, for whatever reason(s) does not take action to prosecute a case of corruption forwarded to it by the Commission within three (3) calendar months of the receipt of the request to prosecute.

So what part of “the commission (LACC) may DIRECTLY prosecute acts or cases of corruption through the courts if the Ministry of Justice does NOT take action to prosecute a case within 3 calendar months” does the Counselor Sherman not understand?

Ok, ok, Counselor Sherman is a slow reader.. But why, oh why, does Counselor Sherman, the President, and other LACC surrogates keep repeating their unsubstantiated claim that the “LACC is a toothless bulldog”, when in fact, Section 11.4 of Act gives the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) ample power to prosecute Rep. Forh, Grace Kpaan, Matilda Parker, for lying, cheating and stealing other people’s hard-earned money?  Toothless bulldog, my butt!

Look, LACC doesn’t need additional powers (and money to pay for Cllr. Allison’s dentures) to prosecute these born rogues in our government! The Chair-warmer, oops, I mean, Chairwoman (Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison) needs to step up to the plate and put these born rogues behind bars!!   I’m watching you Madame Chair.

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