Fighting Prostituti​on: Police Raid Targets Liberian Women of the Night

Mr. Editor,

Aren’t we all equal under the law?  If so, why is the police arresting prostitutes, and NOT the men who purchase their services?  In other words, why is the police treating the sellers of sex as criminals and the buyers of sex as honorable men (non-criminals)?

Aren’t these “honorables”  (sex purchasers) aiding and abetting prostitution in Liberia?

 1) Look at “honorable” Edwin Snowe, Father of the year of Providence Baptist Church! Snowe paid his stripper (prostitute) US$1,000 to do lap dance at his friend’s bachelor eve party.. Was “honorable” Snowe busted for prostitution?  Heck no!!..

 2) How about  “honorable” Simeon Freeman, presidential candidate and standard bearer of MBC (Movement for Booty Calls)?  After “eating” Cynthia Weah (a prostitute), he refused to pay her !!….Is that the way you treat your w.ore, honorable Freeman?

 Honorable Freeman should’ve been rounded up and thrown in jail for prostitution…

 Hey, don’t get me wrong now. I’ve nothing against prostitution!  Most w.ores I know are decent women who happily choose prostitution as part of their poverty reduction strategy or as a means to survive as best as they can without violating other people’s natural right to life, liberty and property!  They engage in a peaceful, voluntary transaction that leave both parties happy and better off!

But look, if the police is going to treat these sex sellers (prostitutes) as criminals, they should also treat the sex purchasers as criminals too!!! After all, these “honorable” men play a vital role in perpetuating sex trafficking and other forms of prostitution!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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