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Rep Gray Leads CDC Delegation To Washington

CDC Press Release

The National Executive Committee of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change-USA (CDC-USA) is pleased to inform the public that a high power CDC delegation led by Hon. Acarous M. Gray, which included Mr. Lorenzo Andrews, Chairman of Foreign Affairs, CDC-USA, Mr. Christopher Wisner – Chairman Emeritus, CDC-USA, and Mr. Siezie Siafa, paid Congressman Erik Paulsen a today.

Republican Lawmaker Eric Paulsen of Minnesota’s 3rd District co-chairs the House Medical Technology Caucus. Rep. Paulsen is also a member on the House Committee on Ways and Means with jurisdiction over economic and trade policy.

He has special interests in healthcare, education, and fiscal discipline. He was excited to meet his counterpart from Liberia.

The meeting took place for thirty minutes as Rep. Gray shared the population density, educational and health challenges of Montserrado County District #8. Hon. Gray was also proud to mention that his district holds the highest registered voters in Liberia.

The Chair of the Liberian House Governance Committee shared the message from the leading opposition party, CDC, that its key focus has been battling corruption, nepotism, poor performance, and lack of provision of basic services.

He emphasized the need for a constitutional, judicial and electoral reform. Hon. Gray informed Rep. Paulsen of the bills he has submitted. He specifically spoke of the anti-nepotism bill that he hopes if passed, will curtail corruption.

He stressed to Rep. Paulsen the need for the US congress to engage the opposition and get local communities to get a pragmatic feeling of Liberians and not only engage the ruling establishment. Other members of the delegation assured the US Congressman of the CDC’s support of US interest in Liberia and the world at large.

Mr. Andrews emphasized the need for partnership on addressing major governance issues in Liberia, ranging from ineffective and non-functional institutions, youth empowerment, and national security issues.

He propounded the CDC willingness to positively engage US officials to better understand the CDC alternative and how it intends to govern Liberia. The delegation presented a formal summary of the CDC vision for Liberia to Rep. Paulsen for his perusal.

Rep. Paulsen in turn was open to continued engagement with the CDC. Rep. Paulsen also showed his enthusiasm in the CDC efforts to secure face time with other US lawmakers so that they can achieve a better understanding of the CDC Agenda for Liberia.

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