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Independen​t Commission Compels LACC to Make Asset Declaratio​n Available to Liberians


Mr. Editor,

When did Asset Declaration become a “confidential matter” in a country where 99 percent of the public servants are born rogues?  Aren’t we supposed to know virtually everything about these crooks aka public servants??? Well, not according to the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC)…(Re “Independent Commission Compels LACC to Make Asset Declaration Available to Liberians”)

According to the above mentioned article, LACC refused to make the Asset Declaration information available to a local NGO (public), because it would be a breach of Executive Order #38, Section 10.3, which states that “the LACC shall treat each  (asset) declaration as classified information….”  ..So what?

Don’t Section 4.5 of  Freedom of Information Act states that “A document or record is exempted from general right of access if its disclosure would constitute an unreasonable disclosure of personal information”

So, is it “unreasonable” to compel LACC to make available the Asset Declaration form of a public servant who lies, cheats and steals from the Liberian people regularly?? I don’t think so…

Besides that, research shows that an Asset Declaration, open to public scrutiny, is the best way for we Liberians to ensure that Ellen Crookrum, Sticky Finger Parker,  and LTA looters, don’t steal our hard earned money to buy Club beer, build mansions , and buy gold chains for their boyfriends!….

If a public servant wants to keep her ASSets “confidential”, she should seek employment in the private sector! But as long as she’s a public servant, we the people have the right to know virtually everything about what she’s doing! We Liberians are sick and tired of getting screwed by these so called public servants!

Martin Scott

Atlanta Georgia

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