Liberia: Samuel Doe Jr For Senate?

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr., son of slain Liberian President Samuel Kanyon Doe is reportedly eying the senatorial seat of Grand Gedeh County.

A Grand Gedean, Ebenezer Gai, who just returned from London, Britain, said Doe Jr., is looking forward to coming home to run for the senate next year. If confirmed, he will be battling against incumbent Senator Isaac Nyenabo, who was said to be already facing difficulties in his re-election bid.

Besides, Grand Gedeh County, Doe Jr. is said to be building support in the United States, especially in the States of Minnesota and Florida, hosting most Grand Gedeans.

A youth activist from the county, Jonathan Williams, said, due to the news of Junior Doe, as he is commonly called among Grand Gedeans, one of the main contenders for the pending senatorial race, Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, has scaled down his support of the locals, waiting to hear a formal declaration of intent from the ex-president’s son.

Meanwhile, a freelance Liberian writer, Bernard Goah, has written an open letter, expressing diametrical opposition to Junior Doe for the 2014 Senatorial race.

Without mincing words, Goah wrote, “I have decided to withdraw my support from your 2014 senatorial intentions”, adding that he is “not prepared to support a group that only bends on preparing a perfect ground for your political failure.”

According to Goah, he had previously thrown his support behind SKD, Jr. in a communication to another Grand Gedean, George Saydee, outlining some concerns, but that it had taken a month and no one of the cyber petition team of Junior Doe has responded to his letter, lest to talk about discussing his concern.

Goah’s concerns include but not limited to the young Doe relying on his slain father’s legacy, saying: “While I am proud of some of the roles your late father played in Grand Gedeh, as well as his contributions to the larger Liberian society, I am only too aware that a large portion of Liberians, to include a good number of people from Grand Gedeh County, think contrary to my view about your father’s regime.”

He also expressed concern about supporters referring to Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr. as a lawyer, whereas, according to him, the young Doe is still in school pursuing a law degree. Doe himself is yet to respond to the letter that is already published on Facebook and circulated to email boxes.###

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