Some Follow-up Questions for Mr. Simeon Freeman

Mr. Editor,

After reading your interview with Mr. Simeon Freeman, I have some followup questions for him….(Re “…Giving President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the Boot”)

Question #1…Um, honorable Freeman, I mean no disrespect, but after “eating” Cynthia Weah (a prostitute), why did you refused to pay her???….Doesn’t she deserves to be paid for her hard work, Mr. cheapskate?….  (Oh my God, look at those hideous eye glasses on Simeon Freeman’s face!)

Question #2:…Do you have a prostitute addiction problem?  If so, why aren’t you seeking help for your addiction??

Question #3…After you were busted for refusing to pay a hooker (Cynthia Weah), why didn’t the police arrest you??? Did you bribe the police???

Hey, refusing to pay someone for services rendered is stealing!  Simeon Freeman should have been charged with theft of services!

But let’s hope all of this won’t be forgotten by 2017 when Mr. Freeman makes his next failed presidential bid!!!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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