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Two issues with Martin Scott: Brownie Samukai and Christina Tarr!

Mr.  Editor,

Issue #1 Taking Full Responsibility: Brownie Samukai Apologies to Pres. Sirleaf

Every time a government official (Rep. Forh) gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar or with his (Samukai) drawers around his ankles, he tells us that he’s “just joking” or he takes “full responsibility”….  Full responsibility, my arese….. (Re “Taking Full Responsibility’: Brownie Samukai Apologizes to Pres. Sirleaf….”)

Taking full responsibility means more than just words; it means taking full responsibility for the consequences of your actions!  If Samukai wants to “take full responsibility” for his actions, he should resign immediately!!

No, wait, I forgot:  Samukai is a free loader, he will not go down without a fight!  Do you see Samukai giving up his government-chauffeured town car; his taxpayer funded gas coupons; his police escort to “board meetings” at Deja Vu Night Club; his two (2) cases of Cognac from crony security contractors, and his ability to dispense privileges to crony security contractors??? Please.. By the way, Samukai is sucker for women who apply pancake makeup to hide their pimples!

But look, if he refuses to reign, he should be arrested for aiding and abetting a runaway criminal (Esther Crookrum)!


Issue#2  Justice Minister Rubbishes Audit Reports

Why must the Justice Minister (Christiana Tah) make a wild-assed assertion to the press, and then refused to back it up? (Re “Justice Ministry Rubbishes Audit Reports”, The New Dawn Liberia, Sept 05, 2013)

Look, if the Minister believes that “audits conducted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) lack sufficient evidence to prosecute indictees”, she should inform the Liberian people which GAC audits “lack sufficient evidence to prosecute indictees”!!   Why? Because the Liberian people deserves to know whether or not there’s sufficient evidence to prosecute:

1)  Harry Greaves for bribery in  the Zakhem Contract.  Greaves used his bribery money to open a barbecue restaurant!!

2)  LTA Commissioners Lamini A. Warity and Angelique Weeks for looting LTA’s coffers! Commissioner Weeks used her loot to purchase a new hair piece from Chi-chi Boutique!

3)  Matilda Parker for perjury! Matilda says she made a “mental error” on her Asset Declaration Form!!!.

4)  Medina Wesseh for forgery and misuse of PUP (private use permits)!!! Medina use her “cut”  purchase Chinese hair extensions to disguise herself in public!

5)  Ellen Crookrum and her boyfriend, Melvin Johnson for “screwing” the Liberian people out of millions and millions of dollars!

We don’t need any more press conference for Christiana Tah to puff herself up as a legal scholar and lecture us about audit reports. If Madame Tah can’t tell us which GAC audits “lack sufficient evidence” to prosecute the aforementioned government crooks, she should shut the hell up or grow some balls!!!

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