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Two Issues With Martin Scott: Decent work Bill and Sirleaf


Mr. Editor,

Issue #1 Liberian Legislature passes decent work bill

Do your senators know what the hell they are doing?  These economically illiterate senators had nothing better to do, but to pass a Destructive Work Bill, oops, I mean Decent Work Bill, which establishes a minimum wage of US$6 per day and US$0.75 per hour for Liberian workers.  That’s a 500 percent increase for workers making US$1 per day!  Wow, the benevolence of government at work !  …(Re “Better Wages: Liberia’s Legislature Passes Decent Work Bill at Six Dollars Threshold”)

Ok, ok, that sounds great, but let’s look at the Decent Work Bill and ask ourselves some basic economic questions, shall we?

Question #1) Are people responsive to changes in price??  For example, if the price of Chinese false hair rose by 500 percent, would Senator Clarice Jah or Senator Jewel Howard Taylor purchase more or less fake hair?

Question #2) If Monrovia Breweries raised the price of Club Beer by 500 percent, would Senators Joseph Nagbe (Margibi) and Frederick Cherue buy more or less Club Beer for their concubines?

Question #3)  Suppose prostitutes raised their prices for blow job by 500 percent , would Senator Matthew Jay purchase more or less?? Senator Jay takes the fifth!

But look, it is not rocket science to conclude that when prices rise, people adjust their behavior by purchasing less! So don’t be surprise to see Senator Jay jerk off when the price of blow job goes up!!

This behavior in economics is known as the first fundamental law of demand.  It holds that the higher the price of something, the less people will take it and the lower the price , the more people will take it.  There are no known exceptions to the law of demand! It applies to EVERYTHING including prices and wages!  In other words, when the cost (wage) of hiring low-skilled worker moves up higher, jobs are lost!

But our good-for-nothing senators say that this Decent Work Bill means better wages!  Better wages for whom? Of course, it will benefit a few workers, but thousands and thousands of jobs, especially among our youths, will be lost if this monstrosity (Decent Work Bill) becomes law!

Hey Senator Jerk off Jay, what would you prefer?  A young Liberian being employed at US$1 a day or being UNemployed at US$6 a day??

Memo to Liberian voter: If your senator can’t even grasp this simple economic concept (law of supply and demand), how do you expect him or her to deal with more complicated issues that currently confront us??

All those Senators (Clarice Jah, Jewel Howard Taylor, Matthew Jay, Frederick Cherue, Joseph Nagbe) you see supporting this Bill need be kick out of office in 2014! They are nothing but job killers!!!


Issue #2 Submit to International Standard Sirleaf Declares As Law Group Debuts

Speaking at their grand opening, Madam Sirleaf urged the sleazy owners (Medina Wesseh and Cllr. Felonati Koffa, esq) of the International Law Group to conduct business with integrity and “submit (themselves) to international standards…, because too often, the national interest is comprised because someone wants to make some fast money”!… Hey, the President must be leading us on to something here! (Re “Submit to International Standard’, Sirleaf Declares as Law Group Debuts..”)

Because we all know when it comes to making “fast money”, Medina Wesseh and Cllr. Felonati Koffa are old pros!  In case you may have forgotten, let’s take a ride down the fast money memory lane, shall we??

According to the News & Observer (a daily newspaper in North Carolina), Counselor Jonathan Fonati Koffa pleaded guilty to “four federal charges related to suspected embezzlement of U$500,000”!  (1) A couple from Canada claimed they paid him Koffa $10,000 for visa and they are still waiting for the visa! (2)  Wilbert O’Neal of Zebulon claimed that he paid Koffa $5,000 to represent him in a personal injury case.  After receiving the money (US$5,000), Koffa changed the ring tone on his phone and had his number unlisted! (3)  Betty J. Strickland, owner of Triangle East Homes, claimed that Koffa was wired US$72,727.00 as part of a closing on deal for a manufactured house. After that, he (Koffa) closed his bank account and then wrote a bad check for that amount, according to the police report!

By the way, this same Counselor. Koffa claimed that he was born in Chicago, and that his second marriage was actually his first!!because the first one was a fraud (for green card), so it doesn’t count!! No, no,no, wait..those assertions were “mental errors” made by Cllr! Felonati, according to the police report!

As for Medina Wesseh, she’s a well known political crony who is guided chiefly by her self interest (33.333333333333% is her normal cut in any business deal), and she’s also known for using her connection to the presidency to line her pocketbook!:)

According to a United Nations Panel of experts (report), Medina Wesseh were among “several other Liberian government officials who owned shares in companies accused of duping Liberia of its forest resources and fragrantly violating the laws of land by engaging in forgery and misuse of PUP (private use permits)!

But yet the President say “government continues to look for good lawyers to serve government and has now recognized that the private law firms are good business that government has to reach out to”

I hope she isn’t talking about Medina and Felonati’s private law firm (The International Law Group), because they are nothing, but old crooks!!!

Hey Madam Sirleaf, if you wish to do business with these “good lawyers” on a personal level, nobody’s stopping you!!…But please keep your sleazy friends far, far, far away from the Executive Mansion!!! Medina and Felonati should be denied entry into the Executive Mansion!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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