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Two Issues with Martin Scott: Matilda Parker & LACC


Mr. Editor,


Issue # 1 NPA MD Parker, LACC Spar Over A ‘Lie’

The main purpose for asset declaration is to establish a measuring device to determine whether or not a lawmaker has stolen county development funds. But our Lawmakers intentionally omitted that in the Act to establish the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (2008! Rep. Forh jokingly made a “typo” error!!

Another purpose for asset declaration is to deduce whether or not a managing director (md) has used her office and its attendant privileges to build a US$65,000 sun-roof house in Sophie Community, Congo Town!!!

So if cutie pie, oops,I mean Matilda Parker is caught lying on her paper work (Declaration of Assets)— why isn’t she being prosecuted for perjury by the Ministry of Justice or Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission? Re: “…NPA MD Parker, LACC Spar Over a ‘Lie’

According to the LACC’s Asset Declaration Form, “any false declaration of income, asset and liabilities shall subject the declarant to prosecution for perjury in keeping with the law”

Besides that, Executive Order #38, Section 10.4 states that any statement in the Declaration of Assets “found to be false upon verification shall lead to summary dismissal in case of political appointee and suspension in case of other public official pending determination by a court of competent jurisdiction”

But do you think you will ever see a “summary dismissal or a suspension or a prosecution” of Matilda Parker for lying on her Asset Declaration Form??? Puleeze…

Look, the day you see Parker (NPA MD) being suspended, dismissed or prosecuted for perjury is the day Madame Sirleaf (Prez), Madame Tah (Minister of Justice ) or Madame Johnson Allison (LACC) undergo a spinal surgery to install a much-needed spine in their spineless body!

Installing a functional spine in these women will give them the intestinal fortitude to fight corruption and lawlessness without fear or favor!!!

By the way, Dr. Scott, my small brother, promise to perform the procedure (spinal surgery) for free!

Issue# 2 Re Maltida Parker’s “US$1M Lawsuit Against FPA”

Any time you see a member of the organized crime families [LTA looters, NPA MD, LWSC Board,, etc ] go on a PR [public relations] campaign, you know right away that they are trying to distract you from their criminal activities [main issue]!!!  Re: Maltida Parker’s “US$1M Lawsuit against FPA”

In Madame Parker’s case, the main issue here is whether she committed perjury (intentional lie) on the Asset Declaration [AD] form submitted to the Liberian Anti Corruption Commission [LACC].

Perjury is serious crime and its violators should be prosecuted.  Why? Because perjury can cover up all sorts of other crimes [stealing, bribery, etc] and abuse of office!

Instead of coming clean on her perjury charges, Matilda Parker and her paid lairs are using every trick in the book to distract the public’s attention from the main issue [perjury]!

According to the Daily Observer online, Ms. Parker made a courtesy visit to the Lone Star Team and promised to give each Lone Star player US$2,000 if they beat Uganda…but when did Parker become a soccer mom?  Before or after the perjury charges… [Re “USD2, 000 each for Lone Star Players, If team wins Uganda, says NPA’s Matilda Parker”]

Besides that, the Global News Network reports that, “some women groups including the ECOWAS Transport Union, Kissi Mass Choir praised Ms. Parker as one of Liberia best public official”…  [Re “Despite Detractors’ Quest To Malign Matilda W. Parker’s Reputation, Women Bestows Honor”]

But hey, the issue here isn’t whether you think Parker is “one of Liberia’s best public official”, the issue here is whether or not Ms. Parker committed perjury on the Asset Declaration form.

According to the LACC Report, it was Parker’s lies that led the them [Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission] to conclude that the “intentional and material misrepresentations” on Parker’s Asset Declaration form warrants criminal charges (perjury)…

Liar, liar, Wokie Parker, your pants are on fire!

So it was Madam Parker’s perjury that caused FPA to publish “Assets Declaration Fallout; NPA MD, LACC Spar over a “Lie” and “Audits Verification a Waste of GOL Money”…..wasn’t it?

It was Madam Parker’s perjury that caused FPA readers to react rudely (woman cuss)! Wasn’t it?? Of course, most of the comments were unfit to print, but who do you think STARTED all this?? Answer: It was Matilda Newport Parker lying under oath!!

Trust me, if Madame Parker hadn’t committed perjury, NONE of this would have happen!!!

So, instead of using litigation [libel lawsuit against FPA’s Rodney Sieh] as a distraction, Madame Parker should fess up to her moral lapse [lying] and let the chips fall where they may!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

P.S.  Parker’s perjury case was sent to the graveyard (Ministry of Justice) of corruption cases to be cremated..R.I.P

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