Two Issues with Martin Scott: Passport Division and Liberia’s Education


Mr. Editor,

Issue # One  Broh Gets Busy at Passport Division

Count me as one happy camper to see Madame Broh back at the Passport Division.  Hey y’all, Broh’s back!  It’s time for all those “cold bowl” heroes to leave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NOW!! (Re “Broh Gets Busy At Passport Division’ Daily Observer Online)..

Broh brings a lot of passion, energy, and dedication to her work,  Besides that, Broh never backs down from a fight!  You can count on Broh to fight for the future of our country!

As Passport Director, she successfully curtailed corruption and improve the overall morale and efficiency at the Passport Office!  People (applicants) got their passports within 48 hours!!.

But we all know what happened after Broh left: It took weeks to your passport because the new passport director (Mrs. Tennena Deline) was busy selling Club Beer and “cold bowl”!…

Back to Broh..

As acting Mayor, Broh was da bomb!!! She blew up illegal structures on the streets of Monrovia (Don’t Raze Me Broh!).  She made heathens to  “pump tire” and “jump frog’ for violating the city ordinance! She even slapped a senate staffer (Senator John Ballout’s concubine) for disrespecting the Lord Mayor of Monrovia!!

Every first Saturday of the month, Broh would get up, put her cap and jeans on, and go out in the hot, hot sun to help citizens clean up their mess in Monrovia!

But the Broh haters in media were obsessed with Broh’s destruction of illegal public structures and her  so called “controversial” management style!

When Broh made a bonehead decision to intervened in Grace Kpaan’s arrest, the media attack machine was all over her (Broh) for obstructing justice!.  But Broh deserves a second chance at redemption!

Bringing Broh back to clean up the mess at the Passport Division is a wise decision.

Welcome back, Madame Broh!  It’s time to kickass again!


 Issue # Two Solving Liberia’s Education Mess…

What makes the President think that these so called “stakeholders” are the secret sauce for Liberia’s educational success?  (Re “Solving Liberia’s Education Mess…”)

Look, most of those book people you see at that National Education Round-table Conference, wearing their exotic African apparel, are just there to make big, big speeches and eat free government food!  Before good food waste, let belly burst.

Yes, from the picture on FPA website, they look like they’re doing something, but they’re actually doing nothing, but blowing out hot air and stuffing themselves afterwards!!.  Most of their kids don’t even go to or have ever attended our rotten government schools.

You think Dr. Khalifa Billygoat and Minister Pneumonia Tarpeh are crazy to send their kids to G.W. Gibson or Richard Henries Night School?  Please…But yet they’re the ones making policy for other people’s children, right??

Nothing NEW is going to come out of this Round-table Conference, except the SAME old crap: Calls for more money to be spent on government bureaucrats, corrupt school administrators and useless teachers!

Of course the teachers and school administrators are going to blame the rotten teaching conditions (no chairs, no library, etc) for our educational mess, but shouldn’t we blame them for giving out fraudulent promotions and fraudulent diplomas?  These people would be arrested for academic fraud!!

I took my LU degree down after Rep. Edwin Snowe graduated summa cum laude from my Alma mater (LU)!

Our nation has a serious educational problem that could easily threaten our democracy and the future well-being our country.  The President alluded to the fact that some of our current high school graduates can’t even “write a fitting letter”, but this is nothing new…

Back in 1980, military thugs who overthrew our elected government (Tolbert regime) and suspended our Constitution were all government school products (illiterate and ignorant). They, along with our so called “progressives”  (Tipoteh, Sawyer, Dew Mayson, etc), plunged our country to a bloody civil war!

That same thing could happen again if we don’t fix our government schools. Today, our government schools are producing thousands and thousands of moral reprobates and low-knowledge voters, who in turn, are electing rogues, rapists and mass murderers as their representatives!

Clowns like Rep. Bhophal Chamber Bucket, rogues like Rep. Edwin Snowe and goons like Rep. Acarous Ganja Gray are now lawmakers for crying out loud!

If we don’t do something about the sorry state of our government schools, these degenerates will take our country back to the “dark” ages without using a bayonet or AK-47!

Empowering parents is the best way solve our education mess: A good start in the right direction would be to abolish our US$80 million Ministry of Education altogether and use that money to help poor parents who want to take kids out of an environment (government schools) that is alien and hostile to the educational process!

At the barest minimum, an “opportunity scholarship” or an educational voucher ought to be available to allow poor parents and their children to opt out of our rotten government schools!

The time has come for poor parents to have school choice too!!!

Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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