Will the Loyal Opposition (CDC) Take a Stand on Stealing?




Mr. Editor:

Are we being played for fools by Rep. Forh? (Re “Rep. Forh Reacts to Recording Scandal”)

According to the above mentioned article, Rep. Forh says he was just “joking” when he said that “The money (US$400, 00) in questioned must be divided among us; you eat some, I eat some, the minister eat some”!

Look, if you didn’t know Forh was an old crook, you’d probably give him the benefit of the doubt and naively call his request to STEAL other people’s money a “joke”!

But we all know Forh is corrupt to the core!  He’s the Father of Corruption on Capitol Hill! (By the way, Forh is in Atlanta, Georgia working on his PhD in Stealing County Development Funds (Government Corruption)

In 2009, this was the same Rep. Edward S. Forh who was accused of receiving large sums money (lobby fees) from Harry Greaves, managing director for Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation.. (Re “Paid for ‘Lunch & Dinner’: Greaves Admits Bribing Lawmakers; Forh under Probe, FPA, 04/02/09)

But did the Lawmakers ever lift a finger to investigate Forh for accepting bribes, oops I mean lobbying fees? Please.

Froh’s lack of integrity in dealing with the executive branch officials (Harry Greaves and Grace Kpaan) is cause for a criminal investigation, but when, oh when,  will House members (Committee on Ethics) get off their fat asses and investigate Forh? Hey, we need a NO WORK ZONE sign for the Capital Building!!!


Will the Loyal Opposition (CDC) Take a Stand on Stealing?

What the hell is CDC (Congress for Democratic Change) waiting for to “investigate” those old rogues (Reps. Edward Forh, Rep. Thomas Fallah and Supt. Grace Thief Kpaan) in their party?

The evidence is pretty clear that Forh, Fallah and Kpaan are all born rogues!  Rep. Forh, who has a Phd is stealing, was caught on tape saying “you eat, I eat” in an attempt to steal county development funds (CDF) to put in the Hairy Bank!

Rep. Fallah was caught stealing US$20,000 of scholarship money to support 5 more local whores on his sugarcane farm!  Fallah is a sex machine!

As for Supt. Kpaan, she stole County Dev. Funds to pay her sex reassignment surgery!!

But the SILENCE you hear from CDC is Chairman George Solo sitting his hands and his lips are sealed! (By the way, Chairman Solo faces monkey laundering charges in Uganda! In 2008, George Blayon Solo tried to smuggle dry monkey meat from Grand Gedeh into Uganda, but he got caught!)

Hey Solo! Aren’t you people the party of “social justice and equality”??  Aren’t you people the party of “grass root democracy”? Aren’t you people the party of “accountability and transparency”?

If so, then what the hell are you waiting for to hold Forh, Fallah and Kpaan accountable for stealing money from the grass roots (ordinary people)??

If these CDC crooks, oops, I mean office holders (Forh, Fallah and Kpaan) were Unity Party members, Solo would supply the cross; Weah would supply the nails, hammer, etc; and Acarious Gray would nailed them to the cross and crown their heads with thorns!

But since the crooks are CDCians, nothing will happen to them!

Yep, CDC is a party of duplicitous hypocrisy, double standards and born rogues!!


Martin Scott

Atlanta, Georgia

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