Sirleaf Pays Tribute to Mary Broh




By: H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Fellow Liberians:

It is with a heavy heart, filled with gratitude, that I have accepted the resignation of the Acting Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Mary Broh. In her letter of resignation, Mary detailed the scope of her service to our country and the resources she was able to mobilize from international entities in support of her many achievements.

We will all miss the dynamism, commitment and integrity of Mary Broh who worked tirelessly and passionately to transform the City of Monrovia. From constructing the boulevard on Broad Street to beautify the City Center, to fencing the Palm Grove Cemetery to bring dignity to the dead, Mary’s prints are so indelibly placed on our Capital that she will not soon be forgotten. In addition, as a result of her efforts, a clean and refurbished City Hall is now a place where all citizens can proudly hold their functions.

Mary will also be remembered for putting on her jeans and her cap on the first Saturday of every month, to personally engage and work with citizens in cleaning their communities. And today, the phrase “Mary Broh Saturday” has become etched in all of our minds, as we obey the Ordinance on “Monrovia Clean-Up Day”.

Before she took on the challenge of transforming our City, Mary restructured the Passport Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ensuring a more effective service. Later, she reformed the procedures of how goods left the Freeport of Monrovia, thereby effectively reducing theft and exploitation.

Mary’s methods may not have pleased everyone, but there can be very little argument that she got the job done. Because of her hard work, Monrovia is turning into a city comparable with others in our sub-region. Her challenges and achievements ought to remind us that our goal of transformation – of changing from what used to be to what is possible – will be lost unless and until we are ready to make the needed sacrifices.

In the meantime, I have appointed Mary Broh to head the Project Implementation Unit for the Omega Village in Paynesville, for which plans are being finalized to accommodate all of the services required by a community.  That project, which has lingered for close to three years, will now get what it needs to get it done and to move forward.

For Monrovia, and for Liberia, thank you, Mary; thank you for your commitment; thank you for your unstinting service to your country.

May God continue to bless Liberia and all of those who have commitment to its betterment!


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