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Drama: Ellen Crookrum on TV and the political twist of Mayor Broh, Supt. Kpaan and Rep. Edwin Forh!




Mr. Editor:

Ellen Crookrum on Crook-TV!

Look what I found in my brain!: A “secret” recording of Representative Froh and former Managing Director (MD), Ellen Crookrum on Crook-TV!

 Recording begins

Me, announcing:  Joining us today in our studio is Representative Edward Forh, a felon from Fiama, Montserrado County!  Representative Forh have been in the news lately for instructing the Montserrado Superintendent (Grace Kpaan) to steal the County Development Fund and put it into his personal account!

Me: Rep. Forh, welcome to the Crook-TV!.. How are you doing, honorable?

Rep. Forh:  It’s rough on me now. I can’t help but think back to the good old days when Harry Greaves was MD at LPRC! I used to get lobbying fees everyday! You eat, I eat!

Me: What do you mean by that, honorable?

Rep Forh: Nothing, nothing..

Me: Um, before you respond to the allegations made by Grace Kpaan, I’d like to ask what became of the investigation involving you taking large sums money (lobby fees) from Harry Greaves?? (Re “Paid for ‘Lunch & Dinner’: Greaves Admits Bribing Lawmakers; Forh Under Probe, FPA, 04/02/09)

Acting like he’s Bobo[unaware]

Rep. Forh:  Um,um,um,..I…I…I..beg your pardon???

Me: Why aren’t you behind bars for taking bribes from Harry Greaves?? !!

Rep. Forh clears his throat

Rep. Forh:  Do you know who I am?……Do you know who I am?

Me:  I don’t care who the hell you’re!!!  You’re a dirty rotten scoundrel… !!!

Rep. Forh:  Listen to me!  Listen to me!… I’m Honorable Edward  S. Froh of Monsterrado county!!

Me:  Honorable, my arse!!!!

All right, all right….. Let’s take a 2 minute break before my blood pressure spike to dangerous levels!!.. When we come back, our next guest is another old rogue.

         [Okay two minutes break ends]

Me:  All right.  Welcome back to The Crook-TV Channel..  We have Madam Ellen Kwame Crookrum, an old rogue from Robertsfield on our News-Maker Line today!  Madam Crookrum became a household name after she and her bed mate (Melvin Johnson) stole more than US$500,000 from LAA (Liberia Aviation Authority and absconded to the States!

Joining us from a secret location is Madam Ellen Crookrum!  Welcome to the Crook-TV!, Madam Crookrum!.

Madam Crookrum:  Thanks for having me

Me:  Do you think you can run away from the long arms of the law?

Acting like someone with acute hearing problems

Madam Crookrum:  You say WHAT!!!!???  I can’t hear you!

Me: You damn rogue!  Do you think you can out run the long arms of the law?

[The makeup starts to melt off Madam Crookrum’s fake face!….Ewwwwwwwwww!]

Madam Crookrum:  I was advised by my counsel not to comment on this issue..

Me:  Dammit!  Will you ANSWER the damn question!!!???

Madam Crookrum: I was advised by my counsel not to comment on this issue.

Me: You damn rogue! If I had my way, I’d scrape all that damn makeup off your face and throw you in jail so you can become a lesbian!

Madam Crookrum: I really can’t comment on this issue at this time..

Me:  Get off my show!—–you crook!

The corruption twist and political saga gets even more interesting

Re: “Big Liberia Drama Climaxes with Indefinite Suspension of Mayor Broh, Supt. Kpaan

Has Mary Broh totally lost her moral bearings?  What the hell is she doing putting her head on the chopping board for that damn crook (Grace Kpaan) from Montserrado County? (Re “Big Liberia Drama Climaxes with Indefinite Suspension of Mayor Broh, Supt. Kpaan)

We all know Grace Kpaan is an old crook!  When Kpaan was caught stealing and putting other people’s hard earned money into her PERSONAL account, you NEVER heard a word from Broh and the other worthless women, oops, I mean prominent women of Liberia!

But now that the House has unanimously voted to imprison Kpaan for CONTEMPT, Broh vows that “Kpaan will not and cannot go to prison; if she (Kpaan) goes to prison then it means I along with several women of Liberia will go with her (Kpaan)”

In other words, Broh is infuriated with the legislative double standard: She believes that a crook like Grace Kpaan is going to jail because she (Kpaan) is a WOMAN, but a felon like Rep. Edward Forh NEVER go to jail because he’s MAN and a lawmaker!

(By the way, Rep. Forh has a history of short changing hookers on Gurley Street and taking bribes (lobby money) from government officials!

But the bigger issue here is:  Does an un-elected mayor (Broh) have the Constitutional authority to over ride a legislative contempt charge and “save a corrupt Superintendent” from a jail cell?  Please….

Broh’s physical intervention to keep Kpaan from being behind bars was wrong and boneheaded!  But let’s hope that Broh will learn to judge her transvestite friends by the content of their character and not by the color of their ugly hairdo!

That’s it for this week’s edition of “The Crook-TV Channel.” Thanks to all of you for watching and we hope to see you right here next week. Coming up next week on Crook-TV are: Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, Montserrado Superintendent Grace Kpaan and Judge Melvin Action Johnson will be on our News-Maker Line from Lithonia, Georgia!


Martin Scott 

Atlanta, Georgia 

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