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How George Weah and Samuel Tweah Destroyed CDC




By; Paul Jackson

Is it more than just a coincidence that only the letter “T” separates the name “Tweah” from “Weah”, or is there something more sinister to this political ‘bromance’ between these two CDC stalwarts? It seems like the CDC, through some of its powerful members have begun outsourcing its political conscience to the misdirection and gross misrule of President Sirleaf-The Liberia people absolutely have nothing against two powerful political parties building consensus or their leaders working together to better the country, but this cannot and MUST not be done at the expense of our hungry citizens and the deplorable living conditions our poor citizens continue to live in.

Just because Weah and Tweah, like President Sirleaf and her children can all now afford to visit America for treatment when they get sick, or can afford more than three meals a day, do not mean the political struggle is over! A few months ago, Mr. Samuel Tweah, in a verbally expensive opinion piece written on The Coalition of Concern Liberian Forums (CCL), appealed to members of the CDC and ordinary Liberians to see wisdom in forging cooperation with our current political leadership.

His piece, while rich in rhetoric, was not only the coming out job-seeking party for some executives of the CDC, it was also a precursor to a selfish and wicked kind of political gamesmanship. Weah, not too long after Tweah’s piece, quickly became a Unity Party operative and the clueless and useless pawn [aka “Peace Ambassador”] used by Madam Sirleaf to lend legitimacy to her reign of countless errors. Mr. Tweah for his part now enjoys an extremely lucrative “consultant” position at the Finance Ministry.

With all these good tidings from the President, who better than the loquacious and “politically correct Tweah”, could the CDC hierarchy send to vanquish the truth and destroy every meaningful social and political value the poor and ordinary CDC members have been trying to defend over more than five years now? And while the average CDCian sees this as a “lown down dirty” political shame and betrayal, the Acarious Grays and George Weahs’ of the party continue to insist that anything coming out of Tweah’s head , no matter how politically disturbing, deserves some sort of universal acceptance by all party members.

What a travesty?! The politically savvy Tweah has now ushered in a new set of values and spawned new standards of how political cooperation must be achieved by the CDC and the Liberian people in general- It is now okay to join forces with the oppressors!

The days of disagreements are over, and maintaining a truthful and well orchestrated political stance against a dysfunctional political establishment is now taboo, because it runs antithetical to the selfish political and economic whims of a greedy few……..As long as the current government can absorb George Weah and members of his inner circle, it is damn well okay to foster political cooperation, no matter how sordid or grotesque the arrangement seems.

This is exactly the kind of political malaise and organizational malignancy that has plagued Liberia since its independence- a malignancy that has tied the tongues of many well meaning citizens, a malignancy that continues to visit cowardice on our collective political psyche as a nation and a people. Thank God for the likes of Tiawon Gongloe and Negablee Warner; great Liberian men who have the fortitude and political balls to embrace hunger and hardship in a day and age where selfish political opportunism reigns supreme, men who can look Madam Sirleaf fairly and squarely in the face and say: “Madam President, thank you for the job offer and other bribes, but the plight of the suffering Liberian people is more important to us than huge bank accounts and your patronage.”

For now we say, more power to political sycophancy! More power to avarice! More power to the almost dead CDC…. One day very soon, Madam Sirleaf, like many failed Liberian Presidents will be gone! One day, good women and men of conscience will propel Liberia to greater and equal heights. May God and our ancestors Bless Liberia!

Jackson’s contact: elpaulay@gmail.com

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